• READ – Lee Scratch Perry w/ Subatomic Sound System Tour

    Lee Scratch Perry is coming to your town. LargeUp has partnered with the Dub Champions Festival and Subpac to present the Super Ape Returns to Conquer Tour, which kicks off Oct. 24th. Last time Scratch hit the road in the States, he had a giant, inflatable ape on stage with him. Who knows what surprises this tour holds?
  • READ – St. Vincent’s Masseducation + Tour Dates

    "...the truth is that Clark doesn’t need to show her face on MASSEDUCTION; her vitality is implanted on every note of the collection. For once, the listener doesn’t need help drawing the connection from the artist they hear to the artist they see. Or, maybe, Clark is drawing attention to the fact that this album presents a new side to her.”
  • WATCH – Lawrence Rothman’s ‘Wolves Still Cry’

    Lawrence Rothman has announced his debut album, The Book of Law, due out October 13th. The first song off the album, 'Wolves Still Cry,' begins the journey through Lawrence’s alters and features background vocals by How To Dress Well.
  • Watch – Cold Specks’ “Fool’s Paradise” Live

    Now with her third album, Fool’s Paradise, Cold Speck’s confidence and comfort level in revealing herself to her fans has grown, and we’re richer for it. Not only has her platform amplified — as she openly confronts political issues such as Trump’s travel ban and negative narratives around Somali identity — but her music is also transcending.
  • WATCH – Odesza’s “Across The Room” ft. Leon Bridges

    Odesza released a soul-warming music video for “Across The Room.” Just try not to smile as you watch Leon Bridges shimmy his way through a backyard barbecue. Get cozy and click here to watch.
  • WATCH – An Evening With Stars

    The table was set for a candid and intimate moment with Stars. And in this setting lives the stories, anecdotes, memories and thoughts on their new album and where they are in their careers now.
  • WATCH — Hundred Waters ‘Fingers’ + Tour Dates

    Hundred Water shared a creepy crawly video for their new song, 'Fingers.' In the Allie Avital-directed video, Nicole Miglis sings with spiders, cockroaches, and other insects crawling all over her. Check it out.

Recent News

LISTEN — Charlotte Day Wilson’s “Doubt”

November 19th, 2017

Toronto’s Charlotte Day Wilson returned with “Doubt,” her first new single since the release of her acclaimed 2016 debut EP CDW. Zane Lowe gave the track its radio premiere this past week on Beats 1, calling Wilson a “fantastically brilliant, tasteful artist.” The Fader followed with “Doubt”‘s online premiere, calling it “a gorgeous track that instantly finds a camaraderie with the listener in its warm and honest handling of regret.” Listen below.


LISTEN — Dana Buoy’s “Twisted Sky”

November 15th, 2017

Dana Buoy, aka Akron/Family member Dana Janssen, is finally set to release a new album, Ice Glitter Gold, on February 23 via Everloving. Dana made the album with longtime collaborator Justin Miller, and Dana co-produced it with John Morgan Askew and Abe Seiferth.

The first single, “Twisted Sky,” which Dana says “is a song about the moods we trust when we fumble our understandings of the seemingly obvious. A celebration of distorted realities ensnared by positive vibration forces.” It’s also cut from the same cloth as Dana Buoy and Akron/Family’s percussive freak folk/psych pop/whatever and if you’re a fan of the earlier stuff, you’re probably gonna instantly dig this too. Listen below.

via — BrooklynVegan


WATCH — The Mynabirds’ NPR Tiny Desk Concert

November 14th, 2017

“For Laura Burhenn, 2016 was a tough year and she wasn’t alone. We lost David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Prince (and so many more beloved artists). And then there were the elections and subsequent inauguration, which were devastating to many. But what transpired next for anyone dismayed by those events was inspiring: The Women’s March united many who were in despair, while giving purpose and focus to what for them was an unthinkable outcome in the election of Donald Trump.

Then came the songs – nine new ones Laura wrote with Patrick Damphier, inspired by the many marches around the country, listening to the news, seeing social media, talking to friends and taking it all in. The result is The Mynabirds‘ politically charged 2017 album Be Here Now.”

via — NPR


READ — Nicole Atkins in Rolling Stone

November 9th, 2017

Nicole Atkins recently talked with Rolling Stone about quiting drinking and discovering her inner soul singer. They also go on to talk about Atkin’s latest album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee, in which they say, “Atkins’ breadth – both vocally and musically – on the album is astounding, with the buoyant pop of “Listen Up” and brash, Dap-King–assisted funk of “Brokedown Luck” melding with the mournful nostalgia of “I Love Living Here (Even When I Don’t)” and rootsy country vibe of the title track.”



WATCH — La Bouquet’s “Kiss Me Kill Me”

November 2nd, 2017

La Bouquet is the new project of ex-Neighbourhood drummer Bryan Sammis, whose collaboration with longtime friend Jake Lopez sees the songwriter traveling back in time, favoring dreary ’80s post-punk over his former band’s modern sounds. On last year’s debut single, “Loveless,” the duo introduced themselves in a post-breakup daze, paving the way for the lovesick lyrics and moody guitars of their latest track, “Kiss Me Kill Me,” lending the title to their forthcoming debut EP Heavy Sunshine.

With the visual complement of a video by Bradley Bischoff, “Kiss Me Kill Me” plays like a slick fusion of contemporary pop punk and ’80s aesthetics in which Sammis’s vocals power through a wall of Joshua Tree guitar. Shot in both HD and analog video, the subject is treated like the taboo wedding toast that it is.”

— via Flood



WATCH — Gracie and Rachel’ Tiny Desk Concert

November 1st, 2017

“On first hearing the Gracie And Rachel song “Only a Child,” I was struck by the tension and the mystery, both musically and lyrically: “I’m moving my mouth but I don’t say a word/My ears are open but nothing is heard/I’m only a child, only a child.”

Gracie Coates, the primary singer and keyboard player, wrote and told me, “It was this notion of going in circles, trying to move forward but constantly feeling like I was right back where I’d started.” Along with Rachel Ruggles on a violin processed through various pedals, the two Berkeley California high school friends – now New York loft-mates – have made one of my favorite albums of 2017. Together with percussionist Richard Watts, a huge bass drum, and electronic drum pads, the group mixes classical training with pop hooks, and curiosity with uncertainty.

The complex tunes they beautifully reproduced in this thrilling Tiny Desk performance are from the group’s debut, self-titled album released back in June of this year.”

Set List

“Only A Child”
“Don’t Know”

— via NPR


WATCH — Aesop Rock’s “Hot Dog”

November 1st, 2017

Hot Dogs” is an audio/video project celebrating the tangents of a delirious brain over the course of a late-night skate to the store. The song was written and produced by Aesop Rock. The video was shot and edited by Kurt Hayashi, and features the skateboarding of Jake Gascoyne. The three of us collaborated conceptually to bring “Hot Dogs” to the screen.

100% of the proceeds from “Hot Dogs” digital sales and streaming and all vinyl pre-orders, now thru Nov 23rd, will all be donated to Grind For Life, Inc. – a charity started by skateboarder Mike Rogers after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. The organization’s mission is to provide financial support to patients and families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. More info can be found on their website: http://www.grindforlife.org/