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Recent News

WATCH — Elliot Moss “Closedloop”

March 12th, 2017

“When you watch the strangely illuminated world that unfolds in this new video from singer Elliot Moss, it’s hard to believe any part of it is real. The abandoned buildings and strange landscapes in his video for “Closedloop,” shot in pitch-black darkness by a floating drone, look like tiny models on a set, or maybe an ancient civilization on an alien planet. It’s both eerie and captivating. But it is, in fact, all real, shot in the remotest parts of Utah.

The entire effect is made possible by an unbelievably powerful but small light mounted on the drone that makes it possible to shoot at night from incredible distances. As operator Daniel Riley notes, “When it’s up in the air and you flick on the light, it’s almost like you’ve turned on an artificial sun.” It’s a remarkable tool that made it possible to capture images in the middle of the night in profoundly isolated areas, casting deep, long shadows that move and fade away as the drone passes overhead.

“From the moment I wrote it, ‘Closedloop’ put this image of a soft, isolated beam in my mind,” Moss tells us. “The tune always felt black and white to me. So for the video, I wanted to incorporate these long, distorted shadows. And while researching different methods of creating them, I encountered Daniel Cummings and Calen Albert’s work [at RC Test Flight]. What they are doing is beautiful. If anyone could bring this vision to life, it was them.”

Moss co-directed the video with Cummings and Albert. “Closedloop” is from Moss’ upcoming EP, Boomerang, due out April 28 on Sounds Expensive.”

— via NPR

Watch “Closedloop” below!

LISTEN — Laura Marling Talks ‘Semper Femina’ On The Current

March 12th, 2017

“This week on New Hot, David Safar interviewed Laura Marling, who played a couple of her songs recorded live at the Cutting Room in New York. Marling spoke to Safar about her upcoming album, Semper Femina, which comes out on Friday. Over the course of the conversation, Marling spoke about her songwriting as well as gender and gender roles, and creativity and symbolism, and how all those things coalesced on the new release.”

— via The Current

Listen to the interview below!


LISTEN — Run The Jewels “Theft of the Dial” Playlist

March 11th, 2017

“Ahead of their recent Valentine’s Day show at the Myth in Maplewood, Minn., Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels stopped by The Current to take over our airwaves with a special love-themed playlist for Theft of the Dial.

They kicked off their playlist with one of their own tracks, “Stay Gold,” off the RTJ3 album. It’s a dedication of sorts, which El-P describes as “a song about knowing and respecting that you have a very bad-a** and intelligent woman by your side.”

From there, RTJ takes us through tunes like “God Blessed Our Love” — which Mike explains is “the perfect cross-section of the make-love/club Al Green that my mom loved, and the Al Green who sang gospel that my grandmother loved” — and Lenny Williams’ “‘Cause I Love You” — Mike advises, “when you get caught in stupid stuff, boys, what you should is play Lenny Williams outside her window, holding up a boombox, singing ’cause I looooove you… oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ohhhh!'”

After tunes from Sade and Ready for the World, RTJ added some local flavor to their mix with Prince’s iconic ballad, “The Beautiful Ones” — “the greatest love song of all time,” according to El-P. “I remember watching [Purple Rain] and just thinking ‘I don’t know what could have possibly made this man feel whatever he’s feeling … but I wanna grow up as soon as possible and experience that.'”

After Ivan Neville’s “Why Can’t I Fall in Love” (from the soundtrack to Pump Up the Volume), RTJ closed out their playlist with their own “Love Again” — a song that El-P notes “you’re gonna be offended by, until you’re not anymore.””

— via Theft of the Dial

Check out the mix below!


WATCH — Shy Girls Perform Live At KEXP

March 11th, 2017

Shy Girls recently did a KEXP session where they performed “You Like The Pain Too.” “Why I Love,” “What If I Can” and “Trivial Motion.”

Watch the session below!

LISTEN — Coucheron “Barely Floating”

March 10th, 2017

“Sebastian Kornelius Coucheron-Gautier Teigen, better known as Coucheron, has really been making a name for himself. After collaborating with Kehlani in 2015, and later being nominated for a Grammy, Coucheron is ready to drop his newest project. But before the 23-year-old producer releases his full debut LP, he is giving us a little taste of what to expect with his second single “Barely Floating.”

The catchy track is like a rollercoaster ride that you want to fall in line for over and over again. The playful and upbeat tone combined with the airy, seductive vocals of Norwegian singer Matilda, carries you effortlessly to the very end. You will be sure to get addicted. The song finishes the same way it began, with a slow mesmerizing tone – almost as if you were being hypnotized and then later coming back to reality.

“I’d been stuck on this track for a while, when I randomly heard one of Matilda’s songs on the radio one day. I managed to get her in the studio the next day and everything just clicked,” Coucheron says. “She nailed the vibe of the song 100%, and it really inspired me to finish the song the way I did.”

“Barely Floating” and Coucheron’s previously released single “Loud” will both be on his upcoming debut album that will be released through Toothfairy.”

— via Billboard

Listen to “Barely Floating” below!

WATCH — HEALTH “Euphoria”

March 10th, 2017

“Following the release of their remix album DISCO3 and reverse telethon last Friday, HEALTH continue the momentum with the nostalgic video for their new single “Euphoria.” Directed by John Famiglietti (from the band), the video features old footage and live performances chronicling the band’s 10+ year history and addressing the 2015 departure of member Jupiter Keyes. In his own words:

HEALTH and I parted ways in late 2015 and while I haven’t been involved with any of their projects or content since then, including the music featured in their new video, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for their talents. I wish them well with this release and in their future with the band.

On DISCO3 the band hold’s true to their tradition of curating and collaborating with musicians they love and feature exclusive remixes from The Haxan Cloak, Purity Ring, Vessel, Roly Porter and Preoccupations (with their remix debut), inverting their most recent studio album DEATH MAGIC into the third installment of their coveted remix series. Additionally, they released the remix album to much fanfare with a live streamed reverse telethon via Funny or Die hosted by Pauly Shore where the band called hundreds of fans directly to talk about the new album.

Watch “Euphoria” below and check out DISCO3!

WATCH — Sa-Roc “I Am Her”

March 9th, 2017

Sa-Roc released the brand new Sol Messiah-produced track, “I Am Her” in honor of International Women’s Day. We spoke with her about the importance of the song, and what it means to her, and here is what she had to say:

When writing “I am Her”, I intended for it to be an anthem of sorts. For women like me, worlds away from me, or somewhere in the middle, who have ever felt afraid of being too bold, outspoken, or opinionated. Women who have ever softened their tone, minced their words, or adapted appearances to become more palatable for the dominant culture. I wrote it to champion empowerment and equality. I wrote this for us. As a woman within the hiphop genre, my journey has often been hindered by expectations to speak to or play out a narrative constructed by male opinion. Through my experience, I have had to learn how to find my voice and firmly assert my own definition of womanhood through music. I want the same for my sisters. In whatever capacity they choose. For future generations of young women who may not be familiar with Maya Angelou, but hear notes of her courage through my melodies. For women who feel the spirit of resistance from the Gulabi gang to NOW. I wrote this for a new future, one of women and girls who boldly take up space, reimagine possibilities, and claim what they deserve. I AM HER.”

— via Rhymesayers

Watch “I Am Her” below!