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WATCH – Girl Ray “Girl” + New Album Via Moshi Moshi

October 28th, 2019

The three members of Girl Ray were all teenagers when they released their enormously promising twee-pop debut album Earl Grey two years ago. But while that album did a great job evoking the glimmering lo-fi sounds of ’80s and ’90s UK indie, the members of Girl Ray are on a whole different wave now. Next month, the band will release Girl, their sophomore LP. And this time around, they’ve been influenced by circa-now centrist pop titans like Ariana Grande and Rihanna, though they still sound very much like themselves.

The band worked with Christine And The Queens/Metronomy producer Ash Workman on the new album, and they’ve also expanded their sonic palette, bringing in synths. You can hear that in first single “Show Me More,” which we posted a few months ago. And you can also hear it in the bright, charming “Girl,” the new album’s opening track.

“Girl” is built from a bright, strutting guitar line, one that sounds a bit like the ’80s new-wave version of reggae. It’s also got lush, pillowy harmonies and dazed, euphoric keyboard sounds all through it. Singer Poppy — they don’t use last names — delivers her lyrics in a voice that weirdly recalls Nico. And somehow, all those things together sound vaguely like HAIM? Check out director Crusoe Weston’s video for “Girl” Above!– READ MORE VIA STEREOGUM

OUT NOW – SebastiAn ft Bakar “Sober”

October 28th, 2019

French producer SebastiAn links with London riser Bakar on new single ‘Sober’.

A producer closely linked to the rise of French electro, SebastiAn has broadened his approach and style to encompass something almost genre-less. New album Thirst – his first since 2011 – lands shortly, and it features some of his most emphatically creative work to date.

His new single ‘Sober’ is online + at radio now, and finds the French artist colliding with searing London talent Bakar. Bolshy, aggressive electronics linked to Bakar’s emphatic vocal, it’s a neat pairing of two utterly distinct talents. – READ MORE VIA CLASH

WATCH – ALA.NI Premier’s new single VanP

October 12th, 2019

On her new single with actor/rapper Lakeith Stanfield, ALA.NI is fed up with a love interest who won’t get their shit together – and she’s ready to move on for greener pastures instead of continuing to waste her time.

“Got no patience with this masquerade / I’m not falling till you catch my wave / and there’s beauty only steps away / all these silly games you want to play,” ALA.NI laments, before Lakeith Stanfield (known for his roles in Get Out and Atlanta) delivers a frustrated, fearful verse about losing something special.

But part of what makes “VanP” special is the instrumental. ALA.NI initially planned for upcoming record ACCA to be an acapella album, so much of the album is made up of human voices. ALA.NI’s arrangement is rooted in a moody beatbox by Dave Crowe and supplemented with a bass guitar by Phil Simmonds, lending to a sparse, spacious soundbed that leaves space for ALA.NI’s breathy vocals to shine. – READ MORE VIA VIBE

LISTEN – New Marcus King Album prod by Dan Auerbach

October 11th, 2019

Guitar game recognizes guitar game on the new album by Marcus King, which finds the South Carolina musician teaming up with producer and Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach to release King’s first solo LP, El Dorado.

Due January 17th, the album is a collection of 12 tracks, all written by King and Auerbach with songwriters like Pat McLaughlin, Paul Overstreet, and Ronnie Bowman. El Dorado also finds King backed up not by his eponymous Marcus King Band (as he was on his last effort, 2018’s Carolina Confessions), but by Auerbach’s roster of studio heavyweights, including keys payer Bobby Wood, drummer Gene Chrisman, and bassist Dave Roe. Check out the first single “The Well” here + read more via Rolling Stone HERE!

WATCH – Robert Glasper – Blue Note Weekend 1 Recap

October 10th, 2019

It’s safe to say Blue Note Residency is off to a great start. Weekend one = FIRE.

Robert Glasper’s official guest that weekend was Yasiin Bey, but the weekend of shows also saw additional special guests Qtip, Black Though, Talib Kweli, Yebba, Bilal and more.

Catch the show yourself this month, and visit our record cart dedicated to the new mixtape + food truck posted up outside the venue too!

LISTEN – Elliot Moss “Barricade” + New Album in Jan

October 4th, 2019

Elliot Moss announced his sophomore full-length album, A Change In Diet, will be released on January 17th, 2020, via Grand Jury. The NY-based artist has also shared the evocative video for first single “Barricade,” directed by Madeline Kate Kann. “This one used to be called ‘Golden Dark,’ because that’s the feeling…adrenaline rushing as a result of being lost, hurt, or isolated,” Moss says of the song. “Adrenaline that continues as you’re reminded by things, by your own routines, of someone or something you’re trying to forget. An anxiety that you eventually might look to shield yourself from at whatever cost.” A Change In Diet follows Moss’ 2015 debut Highspeeds and 2017 EP Boomerang—which caught the attention of outlets including NPR Music, The New Yorker, The FADER, Billboard, SPIN, and Noisey—and is now available for pre-order.

WATCH – Australia’s The Goods “Peach” Video

October 3rd, 2019

The Goods are back with a second single, “Peach,” a collection of moods with an obsession for chasing the funk. When their vocalist Black Tree heard the beat for the first time in the studio, lyrics and melodies flowed instantly.

Band member Black Tree says: “My hope is that it becomes a feel good anthem for sexual liberation. Freedom from shame is after all about opening yourself up to the world and that act of vulnerability breaks down walls and allows us to come together.” Reminiscent of early Prince, “Peach” is sure to keep you dancing through the Summer with a tasty combination of sweet melody and juicy rhythm.

Bringing a sound that reaches into the realms of spaced out synth funk and lowslung house, The Goods’ flavour is both wild and eclectic yet sharply focused.