Roosevelt – SPIN Session + New Album Polydans Out NOW!

March 2nd, 2021

Roosevelt has just related ‘Polydans’ (CITY SLANG and GRECO-ROMAN), an album engineered with the precision and expertise of a production master yet born from the creative passion of the genre’s biggest fan. Playing almost every instrument on the record, Roosevelt created ‘Polydans’ by swirling together the spirits of 80s synth, disco, analogue, Yacht rock and delirious dancefloor euphoria with amazing results. It is, quite simply, a feast for fans of the electronic genre, and a feat of expertly crafted pop that feels current yet nostalgic, club-ready yet heartachingly warm.

The album has already earned praise for its early released tracks like “Sign” which Billboard said “balances 80s-inspired synth, disco, driving beats and cinematic textures into a musical amalgamation that simultaneously manages effervescence and heft,” and the follow-up “Echoes” which Stereogum described as a “strobe-lit and expansive cut that locks into an insistent groove and periodically explodes into bright colors.” Unafraid to show his self-aware creative vision, the track “Feels Right” was paired with a hilarious video poking fun at the machine behind music promotion that was debuted by Brooklyn Vegan who praised the song as “bouncy, blissful pop”, and “Strangers” which he released followed by an ingenious performance via SPIN (below) where he tripled himself to perform the track as a literal one-man band. Most recently he dropped the sugar rush Valentine’s Day anthem “Lovers” which Earmilk said “captures that fleeting, effervescent feeling of falling blissfully in love.”

Watch Roosevelt perform three of his most loved tracks exclusively on SPIN Sessions. Tracklist:

1. “Strangers”
2. “Feels Right”
3. “Sign”