• Adrian Younge – New Album The American Negro Out NOW

    The American Negro is not for the faint of heart. Adrian Younge's new album is a powerful, multifaceted statement that reflects perennial injustices and serves to act as a lever of change during a time of mass disillusionment: an album for the people.
  • New Alex Maas Album Out NOW via Innovative Leisure

    The first solo album from The Black Angels' Alex Maas is named after his newborn son. Stretching across dreamy landscapes of doom-shaded country and downtempo rock, the album sounds like sauntering through dusty, double swinging doors of a saloon on a cloudy but bright day.
  • WATCH – Roosevelt SPIN Session + New Album Out Now!

    Roosevelt's new album Polydans is out NOW via City Slang / Greco-Roman! Playing almost every instrument on the record, Roosevelt created the album by swirling together the spirits of 80s synth, disco, analogue, Yacht rock and delirious dancefloor euphoria.
  • Bicep New Album Isles Out NOW!

    Bicep's new album Isles is a project without a spiritual home. The electronic duo, based in London but originally from Belfast, make music for vast club spaces and festival stages - two worlds which currently don't exist. On this record, Bicep have really leaned into the visual side of their music, sharing unique and unforgettable visuals for tracks from this album.
  • Rest In Power MF DOOM

    MF DOOM, aka your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, aka the masked emcee with intricate rhymes and endless punchlines, built a cult following with his wordplay and comic-book style. He passed this October, a statement shared by his family and record label said.
  • Run The Jewels “Walking In The Snow” Video Out NOW!

    Run the Jewels have shared a stop-motion music video for their RTJ4 song “walking in the snow.” The video—helmed by “Burn the Witch” and “Don’t Get Captured” director Chris Hopewell—features action figure version of Killer Mike and El-P leading a revolution against an icy, authoritarian regime.
  • Big Wild Releases ReWorks ft Sotomayor, Poolside and Hermitude

    Big Wild releases new mixes of his new single "Touch". The five-track collection features remixes by disco outfit Poolside and Australian duo Hermitude, a killer remix of the track in Spanish featuring Sotomayor.

Recent News

WATCH – St. Vincent – Pay Your Way In Pain + New Album

March 5th, 2021

For the past couple months, Annie Clark has been talking about a new St. Vincent album. Back in December, she teased a big sonic shift, towards warmer ’70s sounds inspired by albums by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Sly & The Family Stone. Things picked up in the past week, with ’70s-styled ads appearing, more details from Clark, and just a few days ago she was gearing up to drop a single called “Pay Your Way In Pain.” Today it’s official: Daddy’s Home, the sixth St. Vincent album, drops May 14h.

As Clark has discussed, the title is inspired by her father’s release from prison after being incarcerated in 2010. Apparently that led her, too, home in some fashion — it inspired her dive back into the ’70s albums she grew up on, which in turn led to the whole sleazy ’70s NYC aesthetic of the album. “Daddy’s Home collects stories of being down and out in downtown NYC,” Clark said in a statement. “Last night’s heels on the morning train. Glamour that’s been up for three days straight.” – Read More Via Stereogum

Yaya Bey “fxck it then” – OUT NOW

March 5th, 2021

Multidisciplinary artist and singer-songwriter Yaya Bey has just announced her new EP The Things I Can’t Take With Me will be coming out via Big Dada.The self-produced, six-track EP follows her last album, 2020’s intimate and political Madison Tapes, which received critical praise from Pitchfork (7.7), FADER, Afropunk, Noisey, and more. Following the same spirit of her previous projects, The Things I Can’t Take With Me searches the deeply personal and refreshingly honest truths of Black womanhood and love.

The project’s first single “fxck it then” radiates as an affirmative anthem for rediscovering your shine, reminding everyone that Yaya Bey “ain’t average.” It’s accompanied by new collage work created by Yaya herself, and a music video directed by Morgan B. Powell. “The video was a true labor of love,” Bey said, describing the visuals as “an ode to hood joints.” The nostalgic super 8 film aesthetic features styling by Alexea Brown and glimpses into Bey’s polaroid photography.

INNOV GNAWA announce new album LILA via Daptone

March 3rd, 2021

Innov Gnawa, a Grammy-nominated musical group of Moroccan expats, announce their debut album with Daptone Records, LILA, to be released on April 30th. The NYC-based group makes Gnawa music, a spiritual tradition rooted in Morocco’s ancient history. Not unlike the blues in the American south, Gnawa music is revered throughout Morocco as treasured indigenous soul music. Lila, which also means “night”, is a traditional ceremony in which the group dedicates an evening of healing through music. This all-night rhythm fest is a spiritual ritual that cleanses the body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to immerse yourself in Lila. Experience the freedom, liberation, and the power of healing through music. You’re are not alive if this music doesn’t move you. 

The album was produced by Daptone co-founder and Gnawa enthusiast Gabriel Roth, who first heard about the ensemble after seeing them perform at a mutual friend’s event. Roth invited the group to record at the Daptone House of Soul, which resulted in a five-hour plus session and an album’s worth of material all in one take. Listen to the first single “Chorfa” below.

Roosevelt – SPIN Session + New Album Polydans Out NOW!

March 2nd, 2021

Roosevelt has just related ‘Polydans’ (CITY SLANG and GRECO-ROMAN), an album engineered with the precision and expertise of a production master yet born from the creative passion of the genre’s biggest fan. Playing almost every instrument on the record, Roosevelt created ‘Polydans’ by swirling together the spirits of 80s synth, disco, analogue, Yacht rock and delirious dancefloor euphoria with amazing results. It is, quite simply, a feast for fans of the electronic genre, and a feat of expertly crafted pop that feels current yet nostalgic, club-ready yet heartachingly warm.

The album has already earned praise for its early released tracks like “Sign” which Billboard said “balances 80s-inspired synth, disco, driving beats and cinematic textures into a musical amalgamation that simultaneously manages effervescence and heft,” and the follow-up “Echoes” which Stereogum described as a “strobe-lit and expansive cut that locks into an insistent groove and periodically explodes into bright colors.” Unafraid to show his self-aware creative vision, the track “Feels Right” was paired with a hilarious video poking fun at the machine behind music promotion that was debuted by Brooklyn Vegan who praised the song as “bouncy, blissful pop”, and “Strangers” which he released followed by an ingenious performance via SPIN (below) where he tripled himself to perform the track as a literal one-man band. Most recently he dropped the sugar rush Valentine’s Day anthem “Lovers” which Earmilk said “captures that fleeting, effervescent feeling of falling blissfully in love.”

Watch Roosevelt perform three of his most loved tracks exclusively on SPIN Sessions. Tracklist:

1. “Strangers”
2. “Feels Right”
3. “Sign”

WATCH – Sampa The Great Tiny Desk (From Home)

March 2nd, 2021

“Freedom is what we feel when we perform. And freedom is what the world is in need of right now. In this pandemic it feels like we all need a sense of freedom.” Sampa Tembo is in Lusaka, Zambia, her landlocked African home country. She’s better known as Sampa The Great, an understated title. In her Tiny Desk (home) concert, the poet, rapper and singer-songwriter delivers evidence that it’s more like Sampa the Greatest.

Her set is rich with earth’s abundances. She performs “Rhymes To The East,” “Mwana,” “Freedom” and “Final Form” — the latter three off 2019’s The Return — surrounded by life. Warmth pours in from exuberant trilling, zealous drums and her seven-piece band’s loose movements. Dressed in warm oranges and muted browns and wearing a crown resembling red clay, Sampa is Mother Earth herself.

Initially raised in Botswana, Sampa moved to Australia as a young adult and established herself in Sydney’s hip-hop scene. There, she released two mixtapes, 2015’s The Great Mixtape and 2017’s award-winning Birds and the BEE9, all the while generating buzz. She had been based in Melbourne for the last four years, but the next chapter of her musical journey will find her at home in Zambia.

As displayed in her Tiny Desk, Sampa’s artistic strength comes from the ease with which she cultivates connectivity. Music becomes a mode of generative healing that she shares with her bandmates, some of Lusaka’s best musicians, collaborators and audience. It’s the type of energy people need in this moment: precious and infinite.– read more via NPR HERE

Adrian Younge – The American Negro Out Now

March 1st, 2021

Music is an emotional release with a rhythmic vernacular, designed to communicate with an intended audience.  In essence, a form of communication to integrate shared experience and semantics, thereby excluding those that do not share common ground; The American Negro is not for the faint of heart.  The album is a powerful, multifaceted statement that reflects perennial injustices and serves to act as a lever of change during a time of mass disillusionment: an album for the people.

To better explain the intricacies of Adrian Younge’s message, The American Negro not only includes an album, but also an Amazon Original podcast (Invisible Blackness) and short film (TAN).  Listen to the title track from the album, “The American Negro,” today.  The song cultivates a bold balance between melancholy and pure joy, with melodic grooves; it captures the poetic spirits of black luminaries like Gil-Scott Heron, Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye (Listen HERE).

Altin Gün on Soundcheck: Turkish-Folk Meets Psych-Funk-Rock and Beyond

March 1st, 2021

Amsterdam-based Altin Gün plays songs rooted in traditional Turkish folk tunes and Anatolian rock that have fallen down the rabbit hole of psychedelic funk, combining baglama/saz riffs, vocal melodies, fuzzy bass, wah-wah guitars and analogue organs. On their latest, Yol (Road), the band (whose name means “golden day”, sort of like a rent party involving gold pieces) has expanded its retro sound world to include dreamy 80’s synth-pop instruments like Omnichord, and vintage drum machines that ought to be wearing sequins. Altin Gün plays a set for us with their full sound and light set up. – Caryn Havlik

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