• weyesblood-frontrowseattoearth

    LISTEN | Weyes Blood ‘Front Row Seat To Earth’

    According to NPR, ‘Front Row Seat To Earth,’ the follow-up to 2014's 'The Innocents', shows off Natalie Mering's vocal poise, and embraces composure as a response to a generation's uneasiness with the ruination of the planet and fading promises of stability and prosperity. Listen now!
  • adamtorres-somebeast

    WATCH | Adam Torres “Some Beast Will Find You By Name” + Tour Dates

    Austin's Adam Torres has a new album out on Fat Possum called 'Pearls To Swine,' and the video for “Some Beast Will Find You By Name“ recently made its debut on Gorilla vs Bear. Click through to watch it now!
  • waxtailor-byanybeats

    LISTEN | Wax Tailor – New Album & US Tour Dates

    Wax Tailor‘s fifth studio album “By Any Beats Necessary” is out now! This new take on the western frontier leads us on a fabled road where blues, psychedelic rock, soul, funk and hip-hop collide
  • selahsue-reason

    LISTEN | Selah Sue ‘Reason’ + Tour Dates

    Belgian artist Selah Sue has recently released her second album, 'Reason,' and will be making her way through New England to support the record here in the U.S. Click through to hear the album in full and to check out her tour dates!
  • douglasdare-aforger

    LISTEN | Douglas Dare ‘Aforger’

    If you can "imagine John Vanderslice’s trembling melodic narration and pristine pop-rock craftsmanship applied to frigid electronic soundscapes out of a Thom Yorke solo album" then you should be really excited, according to Stereogum's review of 'Aforger'. Listen now!
  • atribecalledred

    WATCH | A Tribe Called Red “The Manawan Session”

    Producer/DJ crew, A Tribe Called Red, has shared "The Manawan Session" mini-documentary, a short piece that explains the group's album writing process, which was filmed in May 2014 on the Manawan First Nations reserve. Watch now!
  • toy-nprstream

    LISTEN | TOY ‘Clear Shot’

    According to NPR, TOY's third full-length, Clear Shot, is "even further proof of just how vivid and inviting psychedelia can be in the 21st century." Click here to stream 'Clear Shot' in its entirety now!

Recent News

WATCH — Raging Fyah “Dash Wata”

October 26th, 2016


“There’s the Jamaica you see in tourist brochures, and then there’s the hidden Jamaica that looks like it could be in tourist brochures but doesn’t actually see receive many travelers. Reggae Falls, the scene of Raging Fyah‘s “Dash Wata” video, is one of those places. Set in rural Saint Thomas, Jamaica’s easternmost parish, this 70-foot waterfall on the Johnson River gets its name from Antonio Porter, a local resident who’s been hoping to turn the hard-to-reach, man-made cascade — it’s the result of a dam project from a now-abandoned hydro-electric facility — into a proper destination. For now, though, Reggae Falls is Saint Thomas’ secret. At least until people catch “Dash Wata,” an inviting clip sure to inspire visitors to seek out its serene setting. The video, which features the band and a bevy of river sirens splashing around in the waters below the falls, closely follows the song’s lyrics. “Let’s go for a walk, down by the riverside,” Raging Fyah singer Kumar Bent croons, playing the role of an innocent suitor on this sunny track that’s sure to soundtrack Jamaican vacations for years to come.” — via Large Up

Watch “Dash Wata” below!

LISTEN — Slothrust ‘Everyone Else’

October 25th, 2016


“​Well folks, the day is finally here. After months of teasing with singles and videos​ too, the Boston-born, Brooklyn-based jazzy post-punk trio Slothrust are ready to give the world their third record, Everyone Else​. Sunday may be the Lord’s Day, but it is today that we are truly blessed. The follow up to 2014’s Of Course You Do, ​Everyone Else​ presents a muted energy in comparison to its predecessor. The band’s special brand of self-loathing still remains on tracks like “Rotten Pumpkin.” In comparison to previous albums, it’s slower, more introspective, and patient with itself. The hard, riff-centered jams Slothrust does so well are still there, though this time they feel more like a means of procrastination. “These songs are about bodies of water, dreams, isolation, and the absurdity of the human experience,” writes guitarist and vocalist Leah Wellbaum​​.” — via Noisey

Click HERE for the exclusive stream at Noisey, or dip your toe in with “Rotten Pumpkin” below!

LISTEN — Run The Jewels “Talk To Me”

October 24th, 2016


“Two years ago today, Run the Jewels released their second album RTJ2. Today, the duo of Killer Mike and El-P have shared the first song from Run the Jewels 3. It’s called “Talk to Me,” and it’s out via the Adult Swim Singles Program.” — via Pitchfork

Listen below now!

WATCH — Matt Pond PA “The Glow”

October 24th, 2016


Pretty Young Things recently premiered “The Glow” from Matt Pond PA’s upcoming album Winter Lives, which comes out November 11, and had this to say about it:

“Matt Pond said that in the video they wanted to show the, “short, sweet, honest moments that essentially make life worth living,” and “highlight the abandon of what it means to wildly run through the woods, to see snow in the summertime, to get lost sunlight.” That sense of wonder definitely comes in the kaleidoscopic video.”

Watch “The Glow” below!

LISTEN — TOY ‘Clear Shot’

October 21st, 2016


“Altered consciousness, dreamy detachment and a healthy streak of escapism have long been hallmarks of psychedelic music. TOY is well aware of this — but at the same time, the British band is savvy enough to know just how far a pop song can be pushed, pulled and stretched… After a three-year break from studio albums, TOY is releasing its third full-length, Clear Shot, and it’s even further proof of just how vivid and inviting psychedelia can be in the 21st century. Dougall — along with guitarist Dominic O’Dair, keyboardist-guitarist Max Oscarnold, bassist Maxim Barron and drummer Charlie Salvidge — infuses songs like “Another Dimension” and “Clouds That Cover The Sun” with the wide-eyed enchantment of a kids’ magic show. “Time runs free / Stretches and it squeezes / Everything and anyone it sees,” Dougall coos at the start of “Another Dimension,” marveling at the elasticity of space-time before the song erupts into a serotonin-triggering chorus. Despite its title, “Clouds That Cover The Sun” is just as euphoric, even as its melancholy undertow pulses along at the speed of Oscarnold’s gently burbling keys.” — via NPR

Listen to ‘Clear Shot’ courtesy of NPR below!

READ — Roosevelt Is “Breaking Big” According To EW

October 19th, 2016


From Entertainment Weekly:

Who: Berlin-based Marius Lauber started out playing drums in rock bands before writing and recording his own stylish brand of electronic music with a psychedelic bent. His stunning debut, Roosevelt, builds upon that sound with big pop hooks and Lauber’s impossibly cool lead vocals. Achieving such a heavenly vibe was grueling for Lauber: “I built my own studio in Cologne to record most of the record and it was quite an intense working progress,” he says. As for the meaning behind his moniker, he admits there isn’t one: “I just stumbled upon it and went with it.”

Claim to Fame: Roosevelt was tapped by Hot Chip member Joel Goddard’s label Greco-Roman—and Lauber, along with a back-up band, just finished his biggest tour of the U.S. yet. “It’s been a brutal schedule, 11 shows in 11 days,” he says. “The audiences here are amazing though — it felt great to do our first proper tour over here.”

What’s Next: He’s already working on new music and he hopes to travel the world more to work on it. “I’m thinking of going to different places,” he says. “I have a strong idea of how the second album should sound already — I can’t wait to start writing and recording it.”

Key Track: The blissed-out gem “Fever.”

Haven’t listened for yourself yet? Why not start with EW’s key track, “Fever,” below!

LISTEN — Wax Tailor “Back On Wax (ft. Token, A-F-R-O & R.A The Rugged Man)” + Tour Dates

October 18th, 2016


Wax Tailor‘s fifth studio album “By Any Beats Necessary” is out now! The title references the Malcolm X phrase “By Any Means Necessary”, which was in turn inspired by Sartre’s play “Dirty Hands”.

“Without going too deep into poilitics, the album’s title reflects my determination to use all kinds of sounds and textures to get to something musical,” says JC Le Saout, the man behind Wax Tailor. “The word ‘Beat’ also draws a line towards the Beat Generation, Kerouac’s famous novel On The Road, and the quest for a better place. And so, in this time when each of us needs a little escape, I conceptualized this album as the soundtrack to a better elsewhere that I imagined to be the south western part of the USA”.

This new take on the western frontier leads us on a fabled road where blues, psychedelic rock, soul, funk and hip-hop collide.

Joining him on this ride are guests such as Ghostface Killah from the Wu Tang Clan, R.A. The Rugged Man, who crosses mics with up and comers A-F-R-O & Token, in a showdown for the ages. The album also features Tricky in a very personal duet with Charlotte Savary, Lee Fields, the godfather of the retro soul scene, Sara Genn, Mattic and Raashan Ahmad and newcomer Idil.

Check out the track “Back On Wax (ft. Token, A-F-R-O & R.A The Rugged Man)” below!


1/17/17 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
1/18/17 Washington, DC 9:30 Tickets at Box Office
1/19/17 New York, NY Webster Hall
1/20/17 Boston, MA Royale
1/21/17 Montreal, QC Metropolis
1/22/17 Quebec, QC Imperial Bell
1/24/17 Toronto, ON Adelaide Hall
1/25/17 Detroit, MI The Crofoot Ballroom
1/26/17 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall
1/27/17 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
1/28/17 Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Café
1/31/17 Denver, C0 Gothic Theatre
2/01/17 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
2/03/17 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
2/04/17 Seattle, WA The Showbox
2/07/17 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre
2/09/17 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom
2/10/17 Los Angeles, CA Fonda Theatre
2/11/17 San Diego, CA Music Box
2/13/17 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom
2/15/17 Austin, TX Empire Garage
2/16/17 New Orleans, LA House of Blues
2/17/17 Atlanta, GA Terminal West
2/18/17 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel

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