WATCH – Dayglow’s “Nicknames” + Fuzzybrain Re-Release

November 14th, 2019

Dayglow is now gearing up for a re-release of Fuzzybrain, a more fully realized version featuring two new tracks: “Nicknames” (a bold and bouncy number he perceives as a counterpart to “Hot Rod”) and “Listerine” (an undeniably potent track fueled by Struble’s confident vocal flow and flashes of jagged guitar work). “Both those songs were written around the same time as the rest of the album and very much exist in the Fuzzybrain universe,” he says. “Each is deeply intertwined into the conceptual universe and purpose of Fuzzybrain, and it just wouldn’t feel right releasing them in a separate body of work.”

Gracefully threaded throughout the album, the optimism of Fuzzybrain is both hard-won and palpably sincere. Originally from Aledo, Texas—a Fort Worth suburb he refers to as a “small, football-crazed town”—Struble felt irrevocably out of place for most of his adolescence, eventually turning to music as a purposeful escape from his surroundings. As his audience widens to include fans around the world, Dayglow pushes forward with a mission of making music that strengthens hope, promotes peace, and—in an especially important turn for Struble—fosters a powerful sense of community.