WATCH – Sudan Archives “Confessions” Video

November 14th, 2019

Experimental producer and violinist Sudan Archives has unveiled the video for her new single, ‘Confessions’. The video is “a female flip on classic rap music videos”, the LA artist explains in a press release. “Resilient women surviving in a world that seems to be falling apart & ends with its alter ego Black Vivaldi, an ode to duality”.

The last section of the video provides a glimpse of the next single, ‘Black Vivaldi Sonata’. “It’s about being the seduced and the seductress, it’s about God & the Devil, Yin & Yang, & about the possibility that we might have it all wrong about the two,” she continues.

‘Confessions’ and ‘Black Vivaldi Sonata’ are featured on Sudan Archives’ debut album, Athena, which is out November 1 on Stones Throw. Athena follows Sudan Archive EPs Sudan Archives and The Sink. – Read More via Fact