US Tour – Montreal’s Chiiild Brings You “Back To Life”

September 17th, 2019

Using their music to narrate shared experiences and chronicle important social narratives, Avant Garden-signed Chiiild continue to curate introspective, unconventional R&B melodies on their sophomore release “Back To Life”. Collaborating with Zimbabwean artist, poet and activist Shungudzo, their vocals melt together effortlessly across a dreamy soundboard of soft, soulful rhythms and scattered drum beats.

“Chiiild and I wrote ’Back To Life’ on the day we met,” she explains. “We really bonded over being African artists who want to use music to tell stories about diversity, ask questions about humanity, and unify people over shared personal experiences. All of these themes are embedded in the lyrics of our song, and Chiiild’s music really compliments it, being so uniquely genre-bending yet still somehow reminiscent of something you’ve heard, or felt, before.”

The new track from the Emotional Oranges tour-mates follows up this summer’s “Count Me Out”. The celestial string instrumentation is euphoric, soaring over the track like a restorative power as the artists defy the natural order with their creative collaborations. After all, as Shungudzo adds, the track is a fantasy that “life is just practice and somehow in the future, we can get a second shot at this”. –> Read More Via The Line Of Best Fit!