LISTEN – Common Holly “Measured” + US Tour

September 17th, 2019

“You unbuttoned your shirt, and I looked at your heart,” Brigitte Naggar intones at the start of her new Common Holly song, followed by a stunning silence that feels much longer than three seconds. When the music finally resumes, she continues: “Then you showed me your lungs, yeah you pulled them apart.” It’s a captivating introduction, and the mesmerizing quality extends throughout the song’s two minute runtime. “Measured” is a great title for this one.

This is the third advance single from When I say to you Black Lightning, Common Holly’s second album and first for Barsuk. (That’s her US label home; the album is actually coming out on five different labels across the Earth’s various regions. It’s a whole ordeal.) Previously Naggar shared “Central Booking” and “Joshua Snakes.”

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