Squarepusher “Terminal Slam” Video + US Tour

February 22nd, 2020

The video for Squarepusher’s new single Terminal Slam premiered earlier this year on one of the huge TV screens that populate Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, probably the most recognizable intersection in Japan and thought to be the busiest in the world.

This was the perfect location to premiere the video to the new single, set in a very near-future Tokyo and sees a young protagonist don augmented reality glasses to subvert and corrupt the barrage of commercial advertising. One of the many highlights on Squarepusher’s celebrated upcoming album, Be Up a Hello, this new single piles on the acid breaks at huge velocity designed for the most hectic of dancefloors and was matched perfectly by the frenetic, collapsing dystopian world created here.

The video was helmed by longtime Squarepusher collaborator and world renowned visual artist, Daito Manabe. The director, artist and co-founder of the Rhizomatiks research group has won awards for the memorable Tokyo 2020 Olympics presentation they produced at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio, using AR (Augmented Reality) Technology, and Rhizomatiks are also integral to the creation of this year’s Olympic opening ceremony in their hometown.

“The concept began with the idea of ​​implementing the near future, not the distant future, using modern technology. In the near future, It would be exciting to be able to rewrite ads as freely as is depicted in this music video while wearing such a device and wandering around the city.”

April 09 Royale, Boston – live
April 11 Brooklyn Steel, NYC – live
April 14 SAT, Montreal – live
April 15 Danforth, Toronto, – live
April 16 St. Andrews, Detroit – live
April 17 Metro, Chicago – live
April 19 Bluebird Theater, Denver – live
April 22 Neumos, Seattle – live
April 23 Wonder Ballroom, Portland – live
April 24 The Midway, SF- live
April 25 1720, LA – live