Har Mar Superstar Announces New Album

February 8th, 2021

Sean Tillman, who you may know as his nom de alter ego, Har Mar Superstar, was in the middle of touring with Heart Bones (his project with Sweet Spirit/A Giant Dog singer Sabrina Ellis) when the pandemic forced the cessation of their outing. Stuck at home in Minneapolis, he found himself doing what he could to help those suffering financially, and even picking up a regular gig as a mail carrier to fill the days. But all the while, he was busy writing new music—music that spoke to his experience being back home for an extended period after so many years on the road. Roseville, the resulting album, continues in the tradition of the artist’s retro-soul/pop/kitchen sink approach to songwriting, while still doing something brand new.

That newness comes from his digging back into the music that influenced him throughout his life: The infectious ’70s soft pop and brass-assisted jams of artists like Elton John, Carole King, Todd Rundgren, and more. Recorded with each musician from his band performing remotely in their home studios (not to mention a bevy of guest artists), it nonetheless sounds as full-bodied and expansive as anything Har Mar Superstar has ever done—a true reflection of where he’s at, both musically and geographically. But perhaps he can tell you better himself: The musician recorded a short welcome for all of you curious to hear the new tunes (and wondering how you can go about ordering some of that delicious limited-edition vinyl he’ll be releasing for the true heads).

Roseville, Har Mar Superstar’s seventh studio album, will be available digitally everywhere on March 5. Enjoy an exclusive listen of its debut single, “Where We Began,” below.