Introducing – Denai Moore – Modern Dread Out Now

August 16th, 2020

UK convention-defying singer/songwriter Denai Moore has released her third album Modern Dread via Because Music, a unique blend of quixotic beats and introspective, sometimes harrowing songwriting which will undoubtedly stamp Moore as one of the most original talents we have around right now.

Modern Dread is an album that sees Moore exploring personal demons whilst also voicing her concerns for the world at large, a daring exercise in micro versus macro that pays off richly in what is a dazzling step forward in artistry. There are R’n’B influences, certainly, but alongside them stand a love for folk and soul, for Bon IverFeist and Solange, for Sufjan Stevens’sThe Age of Adz into the “richness” of Beyonce’sLemonade, for the fact that “Kanye never made the same record twice”, for the way that St Vincent “really reinvented the idea of being a lead guitarist.” And so to bracket Moore with any one particular scene seems naive – such of genre is crucial for a flourishing British music community.