WATCH – Girl Ray “Girl” + New Album Via Moshi Moshi

October 28th, 2019

The three members of Girl Ray were all teenagers when they released their enormously promising twee-pop debut album Earl Grey two years ago. But while that album did a great job evoking the glimmering lo-fi sounds of ’80s and ’90s UK indie, the members of Girl Ray are on a whole different wave now. Next month, the band will release Girl, their sophomore LP. And this time around, they’ve been influenced by circa-now centrist pop titans like Ariana Grande and Rihanna, though they still sound very much like themselves.

The band worked with Christine And The Queens/Metronomy producer Ash Workman on the new album, and they’ve also expanded their sonic palette, bringing in synths. You can hear that in first single “Show Me More,” which we posted a few months ago. And you can also hear it in the bright, charming “Girl,” the new album’s opening track.

“Girl” is built from a bright, strutting guitar line, one that sounds a bit like the ’80s new-wave version of reggae. It’s also got lush, pillowy amoxil-info and dazed, euphoric keyboard sounds all through it. Singer Poppy — they don’t use last names — delivers her lyrics in a voice that weirdly recalls Nico. And somehow, all those things together sound vaguely like HAIM? Check out director Crusoe Weston’s video for “Girl” Above!– READ MORE VIA STEREOGUM