WATCH — Nite Jewel “Kiss The Screen”

May 27th, 2016


“Electro-pop singer-songwriter Ramona Gonzalez, better known as Nite Jewel, has proven to be quite versatile. She kicked off 2016 with her AMTHST project’s excellent Euphoria album, singing over rapper/producer’s Droop E’s synth-dipped, Hyphy-tinged, heavy slapping beats. She announced her new Nite Jewel album, Liquid Cool, then shared wonderfully varied singles in “Boo Hoo,” “Kiss The Screen,” and the Rexy cover “Don’t Turn Me Away.” Today she offers a visual accompaniment to “Kiss The Screen,” directed by Delaney Bishop. The clip finds Gonzalez playing the role of a bakery employee, crushing on a man who comes into her place of business. He stares at his phone the entire time he’s in the store, only glancing up to place pastries on a platter. As a he leaves, a quick cut shifts the aesthetic to a muted, gloomy darkness with the singer on stilts in a black-and-white, geometric-patterned outfit trying to get his attention. She hits choreographed dances, peers at him an inch away from the top of his head on the stilts, and even circles him while he sits in a chair, but he never looks up from his phone. She imagines them in a room together, staring at each other face-to-face, but she quickly returns to reality and the bakery, making her way back to the counter to daydream some more. It’s a nice bit of commentary on how preoccupied we can be with our phones.” — via Stereogum

Watch “Kiss The Screen” below!