November 21st, 2016


“Stockholm-based artist MIYNT’s airy, shimmering electro-pop jams, full of crystalline nuances and elegant melodies are the result of years spent writing and self-producing in her own bedroom. Creating rich instrumentation, full of complex layering and elegant electro-grunge tinges, MIYNT’s sharp sound marks her as a multi-faceted visual concept artist working towards pushing the boundaries of sonic development. MIYNT’s video for “Cool”, taken from her debut EP “Ep no.1”, is the perfect visual representation of the swirling summery jam. Wandering through forests (nature, particularly the seaside, forms part of MIYNT’s inspirations, along with her father’s punk record collection) and rowing across a lake, MIYNT’s visual concepts – which feature a watermelon in a starring role – result in stunning cinematography and carefree vibes that plunge you into MIYNT’s world.” — via Wonderland Magazine

Watch “Cool” below!