WATCH — Jeff Rosenstock “The Making of WORRY”

October 14th, 2016


“Jack Shirley recorded [WORRY] in April and May of 2016, mostly at a beautiful house in the mountains of Stinson Beach, California. We’d all wake up in the morning, cook breakfast, pick up our instruments and smash everything out in a room together with no headphones on, get frustrated with ourselves, smash it out again, finish up, cook some dinner, drink some wine, talk shit and go to bed. I’d never made a record like this, and upon walking into the house I felt like we were doing some real fancy rock band shit. Really we were just making a mess like always. Then we finished it all up at Atomic Garden recording studio. Without going too crazy explaining everything, I went into this record trying to write something about love, something less negative than usual ha. I got married while writing this record, so it seemed natural. However, it was admittedly difficult. All day every day I felt overwhelmed by tragedy (small and large) around me. Love can be something you share with a life partner, love can be something you feel for your family, your friends, your fellow human being, animals, nature, and on and on. A lot of this record is based around the question of whether or not any kind of love can survive in an environment of competition, greed and hatred – and the resulting exhaustion and complacency.” — via Jeff Rosenstock

Check out “The Making of WORRY” below!