WATCH — iLe Performs ‘Te Quiero Con Bugalu’ Live on Soundcheck

July 30th, 2016


Ileana Cabra Joglar performs these days as Ile. But for the better part of a decade, she was known as PG-13 — the sweet complement to her salty brothers in the Puerto Rican hip-hop group Calle 13. Having started her career in her mid-teens and worked with some of the rowdiest (and most successful) beat- and trouble-makers in the island’s vibrant scene, the sound of Ile’s first solo record can only be called a “departure,” in the very best sense: the product of maturation, curiosity, and talent. The album, Ilevitable, mines the wealth of multiple Latin American musical traditions, and delivers both cool and passionate renderings of ballads, boleros, and classic midcentury sounds.” — via WNYC

Watch the performance below, or click HERE to hear the entire Soundcheck show.