WATCH – Cantrell discusses Jam Skating, New EP & Albany, GA

September 25th, 2018

“Stardust represents home and a place of comfort. And the angels represent that place that you’ve been reaching for as a dreamer. That place where you feel like you’ve succeeded and you’ve become a success. So, everything in between is the journey,” says Cantrell in the latest Mass Appeal documentary.

As Cantrell mosies outside Albany, Georgia’s Stardust 2 Skate Centers, the famous—or infamous, depending on who you ask—roller skating rink that doubles as a city landmark, it appears that ideas of his origin and destiny simultaneously converge on his mental. There’s visible evidence of such in his body language, as he leans and teeters anxiously whilst telling anecdotes about his med-blog days. Sure of the story he’s telling, but unsure of where it leads.

Hear him talk about his personal journey, jam-skating and more. Cantrell’s EP, Stardust 2 Angels, is out now via Mass Appeal Records.