WATCH — Allah-Las “Could Be You”

July 28th, 2016


Allah-Las is a bona fide Los Angeles rock band. Ever since the four-piece met while working at Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard in 2008, they’ve been creating down-to-earth tracks that sound as though they emerged from a sultry garage in Southern California. Their locale continues to inform their music. Here, we’re pleased to premiere the video for their latest single, “Could Be You,” off of their forthcoming LP Calico Review (due out September 9 via Mexican Summer). It’s a testament to their city, which when viewed through the lens of director Laura-Lynn Petrick appears at once as a recognizable, contemporary L.A. and as a dated, black-and-white dream, seen through rose-colored glasses. “I met with Laura-Lynn Petrick, the director of the video, in a bar near my place to discuss concepts and ideas,” vocalist and guitarist Miles Michaud recalls. “The first thing she asked was what the song was about. The purpose of ‘Could Be You’ is to look at the concept of letting go and not resisting change just because it compels you to change yourself, which many people find difficult.”” — via Interview

Watch the video below!