TENDER Announces New Album + US Tour + Video

December 3rd, 2018

Since its inception, TENDER has specialized in walking that artful line between the personal and the universal. The British duo’s acclaimed debut, ‘Modern Addiction,’ charted the aftermath of a tumultuous breakup, earning rave reviews on both sides of the pond for its stark beauty and soul-baring candor. The LP followed a series of similarly celebrated singles and EPs that saw the duo rocket from an unassuming bedroom project to an online sensation seemingly overnight.

TENDER’s gripping new album, Fear of Falling Asleep is a collection of contradictions. It’s a record about isolation that fosters connection, a narrative of anxiety that offers reassurance, a chronicle of despair that promises hope. Inspired by the moments that come just before sleep, when silence descends and doubt and fear and desire take over, the album is an unflinchingly honest self-examination, a courageous reckoning with darkness and depression.

TENDER will head out on tour again in the Spring of 2019 + you can check out the video for their lead single “Closer Still” off the new album above!