READ — Adan & Xavi Talk About Their Collaborative Album, ‘Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes’

March 29th, 2016


“Damn Adanowsky! Back at it again with the sexy, acoustic jams! But he’s not alone this time. In one of the best surprises of the year, the French-Chilean-Mexican artist and his fellow Frenchman and longtime friend Xavi Polycarpe of the band Gush teamed up to write and record a new LP. “You know, at the beginning we were not supposed to do an album,” explains Adan of the 10-track album Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes. “We were in Spain, playing music, and we said ‘ah, we should do an album,’ like we should record together. Just songs like this in a house.” The album gives the pair equal time on vocal duties at five songs each. Xavi plays some classic rock and pop à la Harry Nilsson and Badfinger as is his proclivity with Gush. Adan does his usual sexy crooning in Spanish while Xavi sings mostly in English with a little French thrown in for good measure.” — via Remezcla

Click HERE to read the whole feature, or check out one of the tracks from Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes below!