PREMIERE – Grupo Fantasma Video –>The Wall via Fader

April 9th, 2019

Grupo Fantasma has just released its seventh LP via Blue Corn Music, American Music: Volume 7, from which “The Wall” is extracted, a collaboration with Ozomatli, the canonical group from Los Angeles, and Locos Por Juana, another band within the Latin fusion scene, from Miami, Florida.

“The Wall” is an interesting topic, for several reasons: first, it mixes three approaches to the powerful Latin music and of a lot of tradition in the contemporary scene in the United States; second, after many years making music to dance, Grupo Fantasma makes an explicitly political theme; and third, “The Wall”, is a song that says what for millions of people is as clear as river water: migrants going to the United States are simple people who just want to work and live an honest life, provide for your families.– Read More Via The Fader