Out Now – Miles Francis Doves EP – “Sophmore Slump” Video

March 25th, 2019

For many, Miles Francis’ 2018 debut EP, Swimmers, was a first introduction – but he had already been around for years, keeping time for some of the most dynamic performers in the world. Born and raised in New York City, Francis grew up seeing his father play trumpet at local jazz clubs, playing raucous rock shows in high school, and leading underground afrobeat parties in college. Some might have seen him on Late Show with David Letterman drumming with Arcade Fire’s Will Butler, or on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as the kit drummer for Antibalas; in South Africa onstage with Angelique Kidjo, in Hollywood playing with Amber Mark, or at the Apollo Theater backing up the late Sharon Jones.

Now, it is clear that Swimmers was only the beginning, as Miles Francis presents his second EP, Doves. This new EP presents 6 songs just as emotive and catchy as his first effort, yet with a wider palette of expression. As is the case with Swimmers, each song on Doves has its own sound, yet they cohesively live under the umbrella of Francis’ musicality. Recording himself in his Greenwich Village basement studio, Miles plays each instrument live, without any quantization, looping or autotune. The result is organic modern pop music: contemporary indie intuition with the untampered purity of the classics.