NPR First Listen – Groupo Fantasma – American Music Vol. VII

March 21st, 2019

American music can mean many things depending on the part of America you’re experiencing. For much of the Southwest, the American sound includes accordions and cumbias — and that’s just what we hear on American Music Vol. VII by Grupo Fantasma, a prolific nine-piece Latin funk outfit from Austin, Texas.

The album is a perfectly executed bi-cultural statement, made for the millions of folks who love mariachi as much as James Brown. The two-step lilt of the cumbias gets filled out with a soulful R&B edge, and in “La Cruda,” there’s also a respectful nod to the horn-driven Tejano sound of Little Joe Y La Familia. If you want to hear the funky magic that attracted Prince to Grupo Fantasmo’s music back in the day, check out the distorted guitar as it floats over the band’s funky horns.– Read More Via NPR