NEW MUSIC – sir Was premiers “No Giving Up” via Notion

August 11th, 2019

Basing his sound around loose electronics with arrangements and dashes of his experiences as a Jazz saxophonist, sir Was is truly a unique sound maker.

The best way to probably describe sir Was’ music is non-conforming. Each track he creates weavers between tender and delicate beats with his haunting and chant-like harmonies running throughout. Free of the chains that follow musical genres – sir Was throws in experimental jazz, blues and hip-hop with a minimal yet daring touch.

The latest track, “No Giving Up”, begins the journey of his upcoming album “Holding On To A Dream”. Set out to explore the universal feeling of heartache within relationships when you’re caught between wanting to give up, and when to fight for that person. A tender recollection of his previous relationship, sir Was is set to have a more lush and affectionate sound to accompany this new chapter rather than the lo-fi trademark of his previous work.

“No Giving Up” is a dreamy, groovy and lustrous treat of a record and until the album drops, we are going to have to have this on loop until then. – via Notion