New Album – J-E-T-S (Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum)

March 7th, 2019


J-E-T-S is the collaborative project of producers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar. Beginning in 2012, the two have released a series of EPs on their label, Ultramajic, as well as Leisure System. After sharing “PLAY” featuring Mykki Blanco, J-E-T-S returns today with “POTIONS”, featuring the inimitable Dawn Richard, and news of their debut full-length, ZOOSPA, coming May 24 on Innovative Leisure.

ZOOSPA is fiercely cohesive but wildly varied. Along with Dawn & Mykki, the LP casts a wide net of brilliant collaborators (KingJet, Rochelle Jordan, Tkay Maidza), but ultimately guided by the auteur visions of Edgar and Machinedrum. If many all-time great duos are guided by a competitive rivalry, J-E-T-S discard that sensibility to form a unified whole. If not in sound, they channel the two-heads-one-brain spirit of a more danceable Autechre or Outkast raised on the Belleville Three and first wave IDM. If you heard Timbaland and The Neptunes in 1999, this is what you’d expect pop music to sound like 20 years later.