LISTEN – Young Fathers ‘Cocoa Sugar’ via NPR + TOUR

November 1st, 2018

It starts in sing-song. It could be the lullaby that played every time you opened the music box passed down through generations of your family…

It could be the theme music to the Saturday-morning cartoon you watched while you ate cereal and your parents drank coffee and read the paper in the next room.

And then, the storm — waves and panic and splintered wood. The hardest decision a parent could have to make, and the mortal danger of a child alone on a boat. “Cocoa Sugar” seeps into your marrow and makes you not think about or talk about, but feel about the world’s refugee crisis.

“Cocoa Sugar” sees Young Fathers doing what they do best as a band: capturing tenderness in chaos and community in calamity, and acting as vital ambassadors of radical empathy.

Read about the band’s personal connection to this issue via NPR BY CLICKING HERE

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