LISTEN — Violents & Monica Martin “Equal Powers”

December 20th, 2016

“Jeremy Larson is a classically trained pianist, composer, and producer who created the indie collective Violents. Larson deftly melds his classical sensibilities with dabs of R&B and hip-hop and wraps them in an electronic encasing. On each Violents release, he composes the music, writes the lyrics, plays every instrument and then partners with a female vocalist to help accentuate his vision and bring it to fruition. On his latest single, “Equal Powers”, he’s enlisted the help of PHOX’s frontwoman Monica Martin and her soulful, smoky-jazz lounge voice. Martin lends a binding, sultry feel to Larson’s genre potpourri of classical string flourishes, clever syncopated R&B drums with a dry trap feel, and subtle synths. The song is about the early, lustful stage of love, knowing someone’s flesh better than any other facet of their person. The combination of Martin’s vocal and Larson’s well-blended aesthetic is a subdued but sexy romp.” — via Stereogum

Listen to “Equal Powers” below!