LISTEN — Tiga’s Resident Advisor Mix

November 28th, 2015


“Tiga is about to return with his as-yet-unnamed third album. “Love and romance,” is its theme, he told us. “More romance than love. I have to love certain people; I’ll romance whomever I please.” It follows a productive couple of years for the Montreal artist. He’s spent time in the studio with Matthew Dear, releasing stompers like “Let’s Go Dancing” and “Fever,” collaborated with Boys Noize on the similarly massive “100,” and turned out “Bugatti,” a track that was earwormy even by his standards. He’s currently bringing all of this together in a new live show, which sees Tiga assume the frontman role he always seem destined to play. In addition to hits like “You Gonna Want Me” and “Pleasure From The Bass,” the set also includes new material produced in collaboration with Hudson Mohawke, Matthew Dear, Boys Noize and Martin Buttrich, some (or all) of which presumably features on the new album.” — via Resident Advisor

Click HERE to listen to the podcast and read the full write up. Check out a few remixes that don’t appear in the podcast below.