LISTEN — Slothrust ‘Everyone Else’

October 25th, 2016


“​Well folks, the day is finally here. After months of teasing with singles and videos​ too, the Boston-born, Brooklyn-based jazzy post-punk trio Slothrust are ready to give the world their third record, Everyone Else​. Sunday may be the Lord’s Day, but it is today that we are truly blessed. The follow up to 2014’s Of Course You Do, ​Everyone Else​ presents a muted energy in comparison to its predecessor. The band’s special brand of self-loathing still remains on tracks like “Rotten Pumpkin.” In comparison to previous albums, it’s slower, more introspective, and patient with itself. The hard, riff-centered jams Slothrust does so well are still there, though this time they feel more like a means of procrastination. “These songs are about bodies of water, dreams, isolation, and the absurdity of the human experience,” writes guitarist and vocalist Leah Wellbaum​​.” — via Noisey

Click HERE for the exclusive stream at Noisey, or dip your toe in with “Rotten Pumpkin” below!