LISTEN — Peggy Gou’s Mixmag Cover Mix

March 2nd, 2018

“Just two years ago Peggy Gou, one of the hottest DJ properties around, increasingly esteemed producer and subject of one of the most creative fandoms in dance music, was working at a record shop in Berlin, exiled from her family in Korea, and preparing to release her music for the first time ever. Records on Rekids, Phonica White and Technicolour in 2016, followed by a punishing touring schedule over the past year and a half, have sent her into the stratosphere. A forthcoming EP on Ninja Tune is the best thing she has ever done, and already a shoe-in for one of the releases of the year. “If you want to take advice from a guy with … a sense of smell for what’s hot,” says Dutch DJ veteran San Proper, “Peggy is. Trust me.””

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