LISTEN – Nicola Cruz via NPR + New Album Siku

January 8th, 2019

ICYMI – Nicola Cruz’s upcoming album Siku is slated for a January 25th release on Buenos Aires label ZZK. This album may sound a bit less adventurous on the club fusion front than its predecessor, but this time he takes on a new partner…jazz. The LP’s title itself is a nod to the alchemy of pairing, referencing an Andean panpipe whose form lends itself to a duet dynamic.

LISTEN HERE + READ MORE VIA NPR –> Ecuadorian musician Nicola Cruz can do no wrong in my book. He’s essentially an alchemist, mixing together sometimes disparate musical elements to create incredibly enjoyable soundscapes. Often, his tracks are exactly the sound I was looking for but didn’t know existed. “Siete” alternates between the sitar and flute for melody, working over a subtly pulsing, vaguely Andean beat.

As usual, a single song represents just the tip of the iceberg — or in this case, a magnificently crafted new album called Siku. I’m apparently not the only one who digs Cruz’s magic: His last album, Prender el Alma, is at 35 million streams. — Felix Contreras