LISTEN — Kirt Debique ‘Things Left Unsaid’ (Full Album)

October 24th, 2015


“Kirt Debique, a Seattle-based songwriter by way of Trinidad, started creating music as a means of coping. Going through a divorce and coming to hard realizations about his personal life, he started digging into Ableton Live and experimenting with different textures and sonic ideas. It was his way of giving form to painful internal ideas about love and loss As the electronic and industrial songs began to flesh out, he brought in Benjamin Verdoes (Iska Dhaaf, Mt. St. Helen’s Vietnam Band) and Ephriam Nagler (You Are Plural) as producers. Together, the trio built upon Debique’s massive ideas to present a cohesive representation of his inner struggles. The record is designed as a series of letters to Debique’s parents, partners, and siblings, as well as strangers. His hope is that the record will facilitate healing with his loved ones, ideally starting a conversation off of the ideas he expresses in his music. Now, he’s ready to deliver these intensely personal messages as Things Left Unsaid, due out October 23rd via Brick Lane Records.” — via Consequence of Sound

Check out ‘Things Left Unsaid’ below!