April 29th, 2015


“Following the vibrant noise punk licks of debut single “Regeneration”, INHEAVEN have revealed the aptly titled slow-burning B-Side “Slow”. Seductive vocals take the lead over softer distortion and hazy strings, their forlorn tone quietly howling “I need you back baby, baby.” It’s the perfect accompaniment to the agressive, rebelious sounds of “Regeneration” and demonstrates the same kind of versitility we’ve come to expect from the likes of Wolf Alice: as capable of all out thrashing riffs as they are of brooding melancholy. It’s addictive too, those looping rhythms calling you back into the fray the moment the song has finished, which at under the 2 minute mark almost feels as if it happens too soon. But that’s exactly what we’d expect from a band that is still a bit of a mystery, and one we can’t wait to unravel further.” — via The Line of Best Fit