LISTEN — Chimurenga Renaissance “Girlz With Gunz”

January 27th, 2016


“Chimurenga Renaissance is the duo of Shabazz Palaces collaborator Tendai Maraire and guitarist Hussein Kalonji, a Zimbabwean American and a Congolese American merging the music of their respective cultures with hip-hop values and innovative electronic sounds. Today the group unveils “Girlz with Gunz,” the opening salvo from the forthcoming EP of the same name, out February 5 on Glitterbeat Records. “Girlz with Gunz” celebrates the strength and verve of African women through history over a blissed out bounce culled from clattering drums, snaking keys, bursts of soulful guitar, and a chorus courtesy of singer Moon. It’s the sound of joy teased out of pain, of success rising up from sacrifice.” — via Noisey

Check out “Girlz With Gunz” below!