LISTEN — Boulevards Announces Debut LP, Shares Lead Single “Cold Call”

January 26th, 2016


“Jamil Rashad—nom de funk Boulevards—cranked out a relentless four-on-the-floor funk groove on his self-titled EP last year, earning him a spot on our Favorite Songs of 2015 list. Our appetites were so thoroughly whetted that we included his debut full-length among our Most Anticipated Records of 2016 last week despite not knowing anything about it other than the fact of its existence. And then, as if the funk gods themselves could hear the force of our dancing from up in the mothership, we were given some excellent news: Boulevards’ debut LP will be called Groove! (appropriately enough) and it will hit stores on April 1 via Captured Tracks.

As if that’s not enough, we’re also thrilled to be premiering the album’s lead single, “Cold Call.” It’s a particularly slinky take from Rashad, sashaying as it does around a falling synth line reminiscent of Bowie circa “Let’s Dance” or Prince’s self-titled record. It’s a slight change of pace from the frenetic pace of the EP, whose twelve minutes skirted by even more quickly than their runtime would suggest. Rashad luxuriates in a nest of rhythms and flashing percussion here as he dials up a potential lover, but after he actually gets her on the line for a brief chat (“It’s a beautiful day, right? I’ll bet you look good.”), the song slides into a mournful sax line and that tag—“I’m sorry for the cold call, but you’ve got everything I need, baby”—starts to sound like an actual apology. Looks like our R&B singers need to find a new pickup method.” — via FLOOD

Check out “Cold Call” below!