LISTEN – Ages and Ages “Just My Luck” + US Tour Dates

March 23rd, 2019

When Portland indie rock/indie folk band Ages and Ages released their last album, Something to Ruin, in the summer of 2016, they were putting music out into a world that still more or less made sense to them. That all changed in November, naturally, when the country turned itself upside down in support of a burgeoning despot, and nothing has quite been the same since. Except, that is, for the musical passion of the band’s “brain trust,” members Tim Perry and Rob Oberdorfer, who met twice weekly to commiserate in a world of woe—and work on new music. At the time, it was just a way to cope—the band calls it “musical group therapy”—but out of those challenges, a new album was born.

Ages and Ages answer is their new album Me You They We, which they’re announcing today exclusively via Paste, along with the debut of the song “Just My Luck,” which you can listen to above. “Just My Luck,” is a bouncy but slightly macabre sounding track that fills the room with nuanced, ethereal harmonies, spacey keys and the tiniest bit of irresistible xylophone. Perry’s delicate voice is front and center, but it gets some key support from his compatriots as the song swells to its big conclusion, where crashing cymbals put an exclamation point on the proceedings. Oberdorfer notes that the song proved to be something of a bear in the studio, being “discarded and reinvented” 14 times before the final version came together.-Paste