FairPlay + NY Music Month

Title: The Power Of NonCommercial Radio and Community: From The Inside Out

Panelists: TBC

Date + Time: TBC

Description: FairPlay and New York Music Month Extended Play, an initiative of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, provides an introduction to some of the inner workings and the importance of NonCommercial Radio to every locality. During this panel you’ll get to know some of the great people who power the city’s NonCommercial radio stations. We’ll talk about the inner workings and importance of the amazing organizations, and learn more about the way they serve their communities. We’ll talk about the special relationships these stations have with their audiences, and also focus on what NYC’s Independent Music Community and Non-Commercial Radio stations are doing to fight for awareness around Racial and Social Justice issues on the airwaves and beyond.

This conversation was inspired by a newly formed nonprofit group called FairPlay made up of radio stations, DJs, record labels, industry folks and activists all over the US that have been meeting weekly to discuss the urgency in combatting racism, addressing these issues, and amplifying BIPOC voices and stories. We’ll be joined by representatives from the organization Public Media For All, along with local flagship Non-Commercial radio stations to talk about the ways they’ve evolved to serve their communities, and some key organizations working to encourage diversity through structural change.

We’ll discuss everyone’s current initiatives, and share ideas on how these organizations are encouraging diversity from within in order to truly serve their audiences.

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MORE INFO on New York Music Month – https://www.nymusicmonth.ny

About FairPlay – A coalition of music lovers committed to ending systemic racism and building frameworks of access, advocacy and support for BIPOC voices throughout the music industry. – Read More Here

About Public Media For All – A diverse coalition of public media workers, led by people of color. We are raising awareness of the negative effects of a lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in public media, and sharing solutions for individuals and organizations. Diversity, equity and inclusion at every and in every facet of public media is essential for ensuring meaningful service to all. – Read More Here