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LISTEN – AlaskaAlaska “Moon” + Debut Album Announce

April 2nd, 2019

On “Moon,” the new song from London’s ALASKALASKA, Lucinda Duarte-Holman sings about her identity and how it changes at certain times of the month thanks to good old human biology. “‘Moon’ is an account of the monthly, cyclical ebbs and flows (pun intended) of my emotional and physical well being,” Lucinda tells The FADER of the tightly packed, delicately funky song. “It is an insight into my neurosis. ‘Moon’ is about PMS.”

“Moon” is also the latest single from ALASKALASKA’s forthcoming debut album, The Dots. The album is due for release on May 3 via Marathon (also home to Courtney Barnett and POND in the band’s native U.K.). – via The Fader

WATCH – Denzel Curry “Black Ballons” Video

April 1st, 2019

Denzel Curry’s new video for “Black Balloons” (13LACK 13ALLOONS) gives a unique look at what his industry experience is like — and it’s a wild, retro, pre-aughts festival of sci-fi feels. It may be a sneaky business for him, but it looks like one hell of a good time.

In the video the path to a lavish, Soylent Green-esque world of sands and floating buildings opens up. The suit-and-tie drives a jeep across the vast, empty terrain and acts as a guide to the industry shenanigans that follow. There’s a catered party by barefoot, shawl clad waiters that’s overseen by the suit-and-tie who looks particularly annoyed. Along for the ride is Twelve’Len who sings the chorus and is clearly enjoying himself. Goldlink appears for a scene-stealing verse that’s delivered in a rattan throne. – Read More Via MTV