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LISTEN — Emel Mathlouthi “Thamlaton” + Behind The Scenes Video

January 23rd, 2017

Last week Emel shared her second track, “Thamlaton,” off forthcoming album Ensen out February 24th on Partisan Records. The song combines industrial rhythms and Iraqi dabke, while flute and gumbri give it a funky feel. Says Emel, “‘It’s contemporary abstract prose: ‘Where are we? What are we doing? What the hell is going on inside us?'” She also shared a new behind the scenes teaser that offers live excerpts of Emel’s new songs, and also showcases her dedication to creating a cinematic, unique experience for fans at every show.

Check them both out below!

WATCH — Keys N Krates “Love Again (ft. Ouici)” + Tour Dates

January 22nd, 2017

“Word on the street is personal love-bots aren’t that far away. In a couple of years, we could all be cozy-ing up to some sophisticated, fleshy gadgets. Keys N Krates‘ adorable new music video wonders what that might look like in as soon as six months. “Love Again” feat. Ouici tells the visual story of a lonely middle-aged woman sick of being down on her luck who takes romance into her own hands. So what if the hands that hold back are cold and metallic? They offer all the rosy warmth she needs. It’s robot-ist society that needs to catch up to her. Even if you find robot love unnatural, ain’t nothing hard to love about this beat. It’s got a bird-song synth melody, an upbeat rhythm, and a funky soul sample a la old Kanye cuts. It’s definitely the type of song that can help you fall in love, and it’s out on Dim Mak.” — via Billboard

Watch “Love Again” below!

2/3 – Webster Hall (DJ Set) – Orlando, FL
2/11 – CRUSH – Dallas, TX
2/17 – Echostage – Washington, DC
3/3 – BETA Nightclub (DJ Set) – Denver, CO
4/8 – Phoenix Lights Festival – Phoenix, AZ
5/5 – Middlelands Festival – Todd Mission, TX

LISTEN — Hanni El Khatib “This I Know”

January 21st, 2017

Hanni El Khatib kicked ass in 2016, unleashing a volley of EPs that saw him experiment past the blues-rock idiom. Those journeys will now be cataloged in an album, Savage Times, that’s coming out February 17. Frickin’ sweet. To add to that, El Khatib has gifted us a new single from that album called “This I Know.” The project will include more new music, as well.” — via Noisey

Listen to “This I Know” below, and then check out the album trailer!

WATCH — P.O.S “Lanes”

January 20th, 2017

“HipHopDX Premiere: Minneapolis-based MC P.O.S. (real name Stefon Alexander) of the almighty Doomtree Hip Hop collective has always stood out as one of the more politically-minded and vocal member of the bunch. From his anarchic views on government to punk rock ethos, the former Rhymesayers signee knows how to tap into the pulse of revolutionary-minded kids. His latest video, “Lanes,” finds him donning a bright yellow hazmat suit, his only defense against heartbreak, something he’s clearly experienced before. Directed, produced, shot, and edited by Mercies May, the video also stars his (past?) love interest, Kiana Elohn. Considering he came up with the beat, it also easily demonstrate his DIY ethos.” — via HipHopDX

Watch “Lanes” below!

WATCH — Violents “Equal Powers”

January 19th, 2017

Violents is part indie collective, part perpetually-evolving idea, the brainchild of composer-producer and classically-trained pianist Jeremy Larson. Larson created the project in 2014, and has since released a slate of collaborations under the moniker with a shifting cast of female vocalists, around whom he crafts his blend of electronic, hip-hop, jazz, and pop. After teaming up with the likes of Stacy King (Eisley, Sucre), Olga Yagolnikov (Kye Kye), and singer-songwriter Annie Williams, Larson has joined forces with Phox songstress Monica Martin to release Violents’ fourth output and first full-length, Awake and Pretty Much Sober. The record is due out April 28 on Partisan. “Equal Powers” is the project’s latest offering, a fluttering, refreshingly minimal orchestral number buoyed by Martin’s seductive quicksilver vocals. Stripped down for a string-laden live session, the track exudes the kind of surreal, still-buzzed glow to which the album title nods.” — via Noisey

Watch “Equal Powers” below!

LISTEN — Coco Hames “I Do Love You”

January 18th, 2017

Coco Hames first made a name for herself fronting Nashville garage band the Ettes, but now the songwriter and musician is striking out on her own for her first solo album. Recorded at Nashville’s Bomb Shelter studio and co-produced with the studio’s Andrija Tokic, Coco Hames is a stirring collection of personal songs, showcasing a side of Hames that Ettes fans likely haven’t seen. Hames has shared a track from the album, the affecting ballad “I Do Love You.” She wrote the powerful song about the early days she spent with her husband. Coco Hames will release via Merge Records on March 31.” — via American Songwriter

Check out “I Do Love You” below!

WATCH — Kid Koala “Collapser (ft. Emilíana Torrini)” + Tour Dates

January 16th, 2017

“For his latest release, Kid Koala, aka Canadian DJ and musician Eric San, enlisted artist and chemical puppeteer Karina Bleau to orchestrate a neon-hued display to the sound of his track Collapser—which features vocals from Icelandic songstress Emilíana Torrini. Here, Bleau talks about the process behind the collaboration: “Four years ago I started working with chemical puppeteering—research into the movement of matter that leads to natural patterns and the suggestion of forms, creating an otherworldly experience of beauty. I moved from the figurative forms of the theatre towards the use of ephemeral matter. Behind both disciplines is my interest in opposing themes of stillness and movement, both as signs of life.”” — via Nowness

Watch “Collapser” below!


January 26 – Toronto ON – The Rivoli
January 27 – Toronto ON – The Rivoli
January 28 – Toronto ON – The Rivoli
February 2 – Montreal QC – Phi Centre
February 3 – Montreal QC – Phi Centre
February 4 – Montreal QC – Phi Centre
February 12 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge (2 Shows)
February 16 – Ottawa ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage
February 17 – Ottawa ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage
February 18 – Ottawa ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage (matinée)
February 18 – Ottawa ON – National Arts Centre Fourth Stage