Archives: November 2016

LISTEN — Jay Daniel ‘Broken Knowz’

November 18th, 2016


“Detroit is famous as an industrial city whose machines have helped remake the world. But among its most beloved exports has been the rhythm of different machines: in music that gets played at parties and in clubs, made predominantly by people of color, and consumed and imitated around the world. Motown! Detroit techno! J Dilla! These are hallmarks of Motor City quality that, for some, leave Camaros and Mustangs eating dust. Detroit music continuously updates itself, as new generations make sleeker models and younger musicians take from their elders, perpetuating new breakthroughs. It might still be too early to add Jay Daniel, a 25-year-old producer/DJ (and son of the great house vocalist Naomi Daniel), to the city’s long list of legendary musicians, producers, DJs and beat-makers. Yet it’s certainly not too soon to note that, alongside Kyle Hall and Manuel Gonzalez, he’s part of a new generation pushing the legend of Detroit rhythm along. After a four-year drip of singles on some preeminent dance-music labels (Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats, FunkinEven’s Apron, Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature) comes Broken Knowz, a full-length debut that more than lives up to expectations and lineage. These sounds aren’t mainstream, but they follow a funky and accessible tradition.” — via NPR

Listen to ‘Broken Knowz’ in its entirety below!

WATCH — Agnes Obel “It’s Happening Again”

November 17th, 2016


“If you’ve not yet fallen in love with the music of Agnes Obel, here’s your chance. “It’s Happening Again” is a stirring piece of music that conjures an emotion one might feel when waking from a dream or reliving a past experience. The Danish singer told us in an email that “the song was inspired by the concept of eternal return and the impression that things happen in a loop. I often feel like the past is speaking through us, that we are these glass prisms reflecting our collective and individual pasts out to the world.”” — via NPR

Watch “It’s Happening Again” below!

LISTEN — Cigarettes After Sex “K.”

November 16th, 2016


Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop group based out of Brooklyn, NY led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez. Formed in 2008, the group consists of keyboardist Phillip Tubbs, bassist Randy Miller and drummer Jacob Tomsky. In the spring of 2012 Cigarettes After Sex recorded their first EP over the course of a single night in the stairway of a four story building. Since then they have become a viral phenomenon, generating tens of millions of views on YouTube for their exquisitely yearning, graceful pop noir. The band’s self-released debut single “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” has clocked over 31 million views whilst the more recently shared “Affection” has received over 14 million. They recently signed to Partisan Records and are currently at work on a debut album, due for release in 2017. To mark the occasion, and just ahead of a run of UK/EU shows, the band has now released a new track entitled “K.

Listen to “K.” below!

LISTEN — Tasha The Amazon ‘Die Every Day’

November 15th, 2016


Over the past half-decade, thanks to the popularity of artists such as Drake and PartyNextDoor, Toronto Hip-Hop developed a reputation for a woozy, sensitive mixture of Rap and RnB, but the sounds of the city stretch far beyond that generalization. Coming out of the 6 with a fierce flow and beats hard enough to make Death Grips blush is Tasha The Amazon, a talented rapper/producer and the antidote to her city’s reputation for softness. Today, Tasha releases Die Every Day, her latest EP, packed with thumping beats, ferocious verses, and anarchic lyrics. Produced entirely by Tasha and production partner Danthrax (together, they are Bass & Bakery), Die Every Day is relentless, keeping up a high level of intensity throughout its eight tracks and hardly leaving the listener room to breathe.

Listen to ‘Die Every Day’ in its entirety below!

LISTEN — SIMS Interview With Vocalo Music

November 13th, 2016


Minneapolis based Hip Hop artist and Doomtree collective member Sims is currently on tour in support of his sophomore LP, More Than Ever. It’s an album written during what Sims has called a dark period that forced him to reexamine his life and career. The result is his most ambitious and deeply personal album to date. Jesse Menendez spoke with Sims about the album.

Listen to the Vocalo Music interview with SIMS below!