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WATCH — Little May “Remind Me”

March 6th, 2016


Australian trio Little May released a new official video for “Remind Me” in collaboration with artist EARS. Of the psychedelic music video, EARS explains: “All the Liquid abstract colour stuff was made using a macro lens and coloured food dyes and milk etc. house hold items, the underwater shots made using a bath and hundreds and thousands.. very playful and DIY approach in the hope that it will feel analogue and vibrant.”

Check out the video below!

WATCH — The Range “Five Four”

March 5th, 2016


The Range, aka James Hinton, has released the video for “Five Four” off his upcoming record Potential. Directed by Daniel Kaufman, the video features UK-based grime emcees Ophqi and Superior Thought, who are the musicians from “Five Four”‘s source clip. In a press release, Hinton said “Five Four” is “about the frustration of not being able to change the circumstances of a situation.” Potential is out March 25 via Domino. It’s built around vocal samples Hinton found in obscure corners of YouTube. Kaufman is also directing Superimpose, the documentary about Potential and its source material.” — via Pitchfork

Watch the video for “Five Four” below!

WATCH — Elzhi “February”

March 4th, 2016


“Before the month that J Dilla was born and died in, is up, we are proud to present the visuals for “February,” the latest single from Elzhi’s upcoming album, Lead Poison. Director Jae opens up the music video with some great aerial shots of Detroit during the winter before jumping into the thick of things with Elzhi laying on a bed. The story loosely follows that of the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, shifting between shots of a present-day and a younger Elzhi as he rides his bike with his friends down the street, attends a funeral, and falls in love. Above all, the song is an open letter to the late, great J Dilla. The video winds down with some shots of J Dilla paraphernalia in Elzhi’s room and a current day Elzhi waking up, leaving us to wonder if the experiment went according to plan.” — via MassAppeal

Watch the video for “February” below!

LISTEN — SassyBlack “New Boo”

March 3rd, 2016


“Whenever one hears the timbre and sexiness of SassyBlack‘s voice, one is bound to reach a higher plane. As the singing half of THEESatisfaction, Catherine “Cat” Harris-White‘s insights have made her a cherished guest spot on any track. And after her 2015 release, Personal Sunlight, MamaGhana is back again with another astral offering. We here at OKP are proud to announce the release date for No More Lame Dates and its first single, “New Boo,” plus the project’s artwork. The semi-autobiographical work is slated to be available on May 17th, but we couldn’t let Black History Month go without giving you that strain of rap&B that you all know and love. So, “New Boo” places the listener in the role of a potential suitor for our cosmic cutie and she examines just what it is like to be embedded in the single life. “The dating world can be rather frustrating and confusing, you know,” SassyBlack told us exclusively. “So many beauties, booties and bombshells — how to choose, how to choose?”” — via OkayPlayer

Check out the full feature HERE, or listen to “New Boo” below!

READ — Tiga Interview w/ Thump + New Album Sampler

March 2nd, 2016


“We first became aware of Tiga way back when in the early 00s. Electroclash was all the rave and his gloriously tacky cover of “Sunglasses at Night” sounded like the most impossibly glamorous record we’d ever herd. It was silly and sleazy, and it’s creator, Tiga James Sontag, a Canadian producer and DJ, was up there with Fischerspooner and WIT in the pantheon of the pansexual gods. Since those heady days of yore, he’s gone on to become a fixture of the club and festival circuit, playing the kind of house, techno, and electro that’s invariably labelled ‘playful’. For good reason too. His own recorded output is an object lesson in how club music and self-seriousness don’t always have to go hand in hand. 2006’s electropop masterpiece Sexor was followed up by the slightly steelier Ciao! a few years on. Next month sees the arrival of his third album, the “Bugatti” featuring No Fantasy Required.” — via Thump

Check out the full interview HERE, while you’re spinning the ‘No Fantasy Required’ album sampler below!

LISTEN — Tokimonsta “Giving Up (ft. Jonny Pierce)”

March 1st, 2016


“A producer whose work in the Los Angeles beat scene has been eclipsed by more in-your-face performers like Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta has over the past eight years built a global following while collaborating on tracks with artists including MNDR, Gavin Turek, Anderson .Paak and others. The newest track from the artist born Jennifer Lee’s forthcoming album “Fovere” delivers further incentive to mark the calendars for March 4. For “Giving Up,” she layers Drums co-founder Jonny Pierce’s voice until he’s swirling through every measure. The track moves with an electro-heavy wobble, hefty with bottom-end frequencies but minus any suggestion of a dreaded bass-drop. Rather, it vibes like futuristic R&B.” — via LA Times

Check out “Giving Up” below!

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