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LISTEN — Ash Koosha “Mudafossil”

February 3rd, 2016


“Last year Ash Koosha floored us with his self-released debut album GUUD, a fractious and disorienting sensory overload that was soon picked up by Olde English Spelling Bee label for a re-release, before soaring into FACT’s 50 Best Albums of 2015.

So we’re not all that surprised to discover that the Iranian-born, London-based musician has gone and signed to Ninja Tune for his next album, I AKA I. Billed as the result of synaesthete Koosha’s attempt to treat sound “like a physical matter which can be broken down, liquified, rescaled or spatially positioned,” the album “is about transformations in psychology and technological advancements,” he says. “The result is always the same humans in the end.”

Modestly described by Ninja Tune as “a virtual reality pioneer, a software humanist, a political cause celebre, a former rock musician and student of classical music,” Ash Koosha has also developed the album for playback through virtual reality system Oculus Rift and is currently working on his first feature film, Fermata. Makes you sick, right?” — via FACT

Check out “Mudafossil” below!

WATCH — Chemical Brothers “Wide Open (ft. Beck)”

February 2nd, 2016


“Last year, The Chemical Brothers teamed with Beck for Born in the Echoes track “Wide Open”. Now, that song has a video, directed by longtime Chemicals collaborators Dom & Nic. In it, a dancer performs in a warehouse as her body undergoes a supernatural transformation. According to a press release: Dom & Nic’s vision was to merge the mechanical and organic, having been inspired by procedural cellular structures; their VFX Team at The Mill created a full CG model of the dancer, Sonoya Mizuno, comprising of 107 individual anatomic rigs, as well as bespoke tools to allow the seamless transformation which happens during the dance.” — via Pitchfork

Watch “Wide Open” below!

LISTEN — Lontalius “Glow”

February 1st, 2016


“For years, 18-year-old Lontalius, née Eddie Johnston, has been reinventing rap and R&B songs with synth, electronica, and 808s. From his rework of Beyoncé’s “XO” to his take on Drake‘s repertoire, the New Zealander has been honing his own distinct genre, where atmosphere reigns supreme to individualized lyrics and instrumentals. Now, the singer—who counts Lorde, Ryan Hemsworth, and Troye Sivan as fans—is looking to regenerate male-driven alternative pop music through his upcoming debut album, I’ll Forget 17, out March 25 via Partisan Records.

While his latest single, “Glow,” has elements of indie and synth-pop, it’s a far cry from any other new song on the Internet. The anti-typical breakup song, it’s a laid-back anthem for those somewhat apathetic teens and 20-somethings raised on MySpace and The O.C. soundtracks. “‘Glow’ is about feeling like you should have negative feelings for an ex but realising they were actually alright,” Lontalius says. “People are beautiful and relationships are too. I just wanted to write a pop song.”” — via Nylon

Listen to “Glow” below!

WATCH — Run The Jewels “Meowpurrdy”

February 1st, 2016


Run The Jewels recently started work on Run the Jewels 3. Thankfully, they’re not done with Meow the Jewels quite yet. El-P and Killer Mike just dropped a video for “Meowpurrdy” [ft. Snoop Dogg, Lil Bub, Maceo, and Delonte], directed by animator Cyriak. It features a hodgepodge of nightmarish feline abominations clawing and hissing from the depths of some cat hell.” — via Pitchfork

Watch the video below!

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