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LISTEN — Fakear “De La Luz”

November 4th, 2015


“French electro-tinkerer Théo Le Vigoureux, aka Fakear, is amassing a strong following in Europe (and has a slick collage of his fan’s instagrams on his website to prove it) but hasn’t felt such fervor in the States quite yet. His growing catalog shows a keen sensibility of the audial intricacies of sound — both organic and electronic. Last year’s SAUVAGE brought together exotic instrumentation, glitchy studio-trickery, and world beats to create an alluring collection of downtempo, chill-out tracks. “De La Luz” expands on this kind of sound by turning up the pulse and laying out more chimes, chants, and otherworldly sounds. What’s created is a majestic fusion of earthy and synthetic textures that’s not only delicious to the ears, but brainy in it’s technical wizardry.” — via Stereogum

Fakear’s Light Bullet EP is out 11/13 on Counter Records! Listen to “De La Luz” below.

LISTEN — Music That Matters Podcast, Vol. 483: Right Now I’m In The Shower

November 3rd, 2015


KEXP’s DJ El Toro presents nineteen of his favorite new tracks (including a couple of recently unearthed archival gems) for singing, dancing, shredding, and sulking. Lather, rinse, repeat.

1. Mocean Worker – Julius, Irving, Berlin
2. Peaches (feat. Kim Gordon) – Close Up
3. Escort – Animal Nature
4. Tunde Olaniran – Don’t Cry
5. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – One in a Million
6. Valley Maker – Take My People Dancing
7. Sam Gleaves – Two Virginia Boys
8. Public Image Ltd – Know Now
9. Shopping – Straight Lines
10. Wax Idols – Lonely You
11. PWR BTTM – Dairy Queen
12. Aye Nako – Killswitch
13. Slim Twig – Slippin’ Slidin’
14. Weyes Blood – Cardamom
15. Rose McDowall – Tibet
16. Patrick Cowley – Somebody to Love Tonight
17. Chelsea Wolfe – After the Fall
18. Hillary Bratton – Square Moon
19. Ursula 1000 (feat. Puddles Pity Party) – The Shadow of Your Smile

Click HERE to download the mix, or click HERE to stream it from the KEXP site.

LISTEN — Grupo Fantasma ‘Problemas’

November 2nd, 2015


“Grupo Fantasma’s raucous, good-time mix of funk, cumbia and soul emerged from the clubs of Austin at the start of the century, bringing with it a fresh sensibility for Tejano music. Now, the band faces a challenge: How do you make that great idea even better? Problemas answers the challenge with Grupo Fantasma’s best songs yet. The album doesn’t break away from the way the group does things normally; it’s another danceable record, with lots of musicianship in its grooves.” — via NPR

Click HERE to listen to ‘Problemas’ in full, or check out a non-album track below!

READ — Reggae Revival: Inside Jamaica’s New Music Movement

November 1st, 2015


“It’s 4:00 in the morning on a Sunday in Jamaica and I am standing on the edge of Plantation Cove, an open field in St. Ann, the parish along the northern coast where you can find the shore where Columbus landed, and where Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley were born. I am six hours into my second night at a reggae festival called Rebel Salute. Though dancehall has dominated Jamaican radio for going on three decades, reggae festivals are still held year-round, and Rebel Salute is considered the most legit. Jamaicans speak of it the way they might describe a tincture or an extract, as though it contained a higher concentration of some magical, ineffable ingredient than other festivals do. “Rebel Salute?” the hotel manager back in Kingston had told me, eyebrows raised. “There you will see real reggae. I mean, real, real reggae.” He scrunched up his nose as if he were a Frenchman describing a pungent cheese. “I mean real, real, real, roots, roots music.”” — via Vogue

Click HERE to read/watch the entire in-depth feature!

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