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WATCH — Georgia “Nothing Solutions”

July 3rd, 2015


“Nothing Solutions, the second single from the debut album from Georgia, would be perfect for some overheated WB teen drama if not for that extra, unexplainable bit of creepy in the mix. Maybe it’s the fat synth lead, or the distinct and welcome tact of never really dropping that expected huge beat. It’s modern, melodramatic goth-dance (knock knock, Lorde fans) that retains enough moody sub-shifty dub to keep you wondering about the whole album, and hoping maybe there will be a creepy drama on the WB next fall that could use this as its theme. or at least an odd episode of The Flash.” — via CMJ

WATCH — Jean-Michel Jarre and M83’s “Glory”

July 2nd, 2015


When video director Lisa Paclet was asked about the direction of “Glory,” she said, “I was struck by the lyrics “we could never have it all” that, to me, crystalized a very contemporary feeling of impotence. Jean-Michel Jarre told me he wanted the video to be “dark and sunny,” so I opted for a slightly sardonic take on the concept of “glory.” I wanted to glorify useless action though a series of absurd sports, preformed by athletes that run after unreachable, constantly shifting goals. Their performances are scrutinized by a uniform, stoic, public whose reaction to their efforts is synchronized and coordinated like a well-oiled machine.” — via Pitchfork

Watch “Glory” below!

LISTEN — Seven Davis, Jr. “Good Vibes (Ft. Julio Bashmore)”

July 1st, 2015


“With his debut album Universes due on 24th July 2015 via Ninja Tune, soul controller Seven Davis Jr rolls through with an undeniable good time anthem. ‘Good Vibes’ featuring his friend Julio Bashmore tears through your speakers in a whirlwind of kicks and licks that recalls Daft Punk at their boisterous best – proof that sometimes all you need is a chopped-up disco loop and a hook.” — via Ninja Tune

WATCH — Róisín Murphy “Evil Eyes”

July 1st, 2015


When asked about her newest self-directed video, Róisín Murphy offered, “Nothing about the visual aesthetic is ‘Rock and Roll’ and yet there is plenty of rebellion going on. I find it interesting to create videos that don’t try to look like pop videos at all. Hopefully this will be a mysterious and disorientating experience for the viewer as we are not dealing in anything too concrete here, just ambiguity laced with black humour.” — via Pitchfork

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