WATCH — Actress “X22RME”

April 12th, 2017

“Ok. No bells, whistles, sirens, trumpets, hollas, tootles, hoo-has, friggin’ ding-dongs, or excessive fanfare. No cute animal pic, hot geetar lick, or Trump meme shtick. No justifying a 17-paragraph “east coast tour dates” news story because of childhood llama-drama-trauma. No sauced, incoherent attempt to tie in an album tracklist with my current grocery list. No no…NO! NO DRAMA. None of that is needed, because simply put: there’s a new Actress album out April 14 on Ninja Tune! (Exclamation point indeed!)”

— via Tiny Mix Tapes

Watch the video for the album cut “X22RME” below!