READ — Spin Reviews Goldfrapp’s ‘Silver Eye’

April 10th, 2017

“Somewhere between the throbbing second track on Goldfrapp’s new album Silver Eye (“Systemagic”) and the slinky third (“Tigerman”), you’ll wonder why Goldfrapp haven’t recorded a theme for a James Bond film yet. They were reportedly up for the honor in 2006, only to be rejected because they were “not macho enough” for producers said to be seeking a steelier, masculine sound, apparently found in Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. That their rationale only looks more laughable a decade later probably doesn’t lessen the sting of being passed over on the basis of being a woman-fronted act. Goldfrapp don’t need a Bond theme, of course, but they deserve one, and Silver Eye is some of the best evidence in their favor. It’s even kind of “macho,” dare I say, in a tasteful, technologic Bond way: hard-edged and unemotional, with a precise, titanium finish.”

— via Spin

Read the rest of the review HERE and check out the official video for “Anymore” below!