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LISTEN – Basia Bulat Stops by CFUV

December 24th, 2013


Recently along her tour, Basia Bulat stopped into CFUV for a session. Check out the podcast below to hear her play a couple tracks from her new album. After, Basia talks about the music and her inspiration for the new record.

READ – Gareth of Los Campesinos! Top 5 Worst Breakups

December 23rd, 2013


Red Bull has started a new feature where they take an artist and detail their Top 5 Worst Breakups and associate songs to go with the stories. First up was the lead singer of Los Campesinos!, Gareth. Read his first story below to get a taste and head over to Red Bull to read the whole feature!

Modest Mouse – ‘Tundra/Desert’
“The week following my first breakup, I got an iPod for the first time. There’s no poetry or ‘music saves’ sentiment in this; it just happened like that.

Buses only ran twice a day from my town to her village and so I arrived, as I always would, midway through morning television, generally the ITV chat-show, ‘Trisha.’ In the week since we’d separated, she’d moved a portable television into her bedroom. I, 18 years old, surveyed the room for any indication that a male other than me had been there watching TV in her bed. She was dressed neatly, like she never usually would be at that time.

I let her listen to a song on my new iPod. I chose this song and I wanted her eardrums to burst when Isaac screamed ‘AWWW SHIT’ at 1:40 and the guitars wailed in.” -Gareth Campesinos!

STREAM – New Lee Bannon Mix: Big Apple Walking Tour

December 20th, 2013


“This is music mostly inspired by recent 6pm freezing walks, with no sun, running errands and mini adventures in NY. I created the mix with tracks I’ve been listening to lately in Brooklyn. The reason for the calm of the mix is because 80% of the music/sounds I hear are so aggressive that this acts to balance life out and has been the score to most of my downtime recently.” -Lee Bannon

STREAM – New Track From Ninja Tune Artist Beat Spacek

December 19th, 2013

steve_spacek_150_4 (1)

Some of you may be familiar with Steve Spacek from his British electronic band, Spacek. Out now on Ninja Tune with his new project Beat Spacek. Expect a new album in 2014, but for now, head over to DUMMY to hear ‘Alone in da Sun’ today!

LISTEN – 2 New Tracks From Busdriver

December 18th, 2013


Busdriver brings his version of Drake’s ‘Worst Behavior.’ Check out the stream below as well as the video from ‘Barbs Over Breakfast Scone’ from Hellfyre Club’s mixtape ‘Dorner vs Tookie.’

LISTEN – Sidewalk Chalk – ‘There She Goes’

December 17th, 2013


Chicago-based Sidewalk Chalk has just dropped’There She Goes,’ the first single from their upcoming sophomore release Leaves. Check out the progressive jazz, hip-hip and soul jam, above.

Actress Releases ‘Ghettoville’ January 27th.

December 17th, 2013


British electronic musician Darren J Cunningham aka, Actress, announces his 4th studio album. ‘Ghettoville‘ comes out on Werkdiscs on January 27th, 2014 and will serve as the sequel album to his 2008 debut ‘Hazyville’ and will share a similar rugged style

READ the full announcement HERE