LISTEN — Shredders’ Flipping Cars & Album Announcement

September 6th, 2017

Shredders, the new project from Doomtree members Sims, P.O.S, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger, announced their debut album Dangerous Jumps. It’s out 11/3 on Doomtree Records. At the same time they also dropped the newest single “Flipping Cars.” It’s nothing short of amazing. You can listen to it below.

To pre-order Dangerous Jumps click HERE.

Dangerous Jumps Tracklisting:
Tuf Tiddy
Flipping Cars
Cult 45
Fly As I Dare
Nia Long
Style Boys (ft. Mike Mictlan)
Holy Moses
Lion’s Mouth
Heater Season (ft. Mike Mictlan)