LISTEN — Cold Specks’ Void

September 12th, 2017

Cold Specks, Ladan Hussein, released her latest single “Void” from the forthcoming album Fool’s Paradise. It’ll be release September 22nd via Arts & Crafts.

While speaking with Consequence of Sound she said spoke about the Somali music and visuals that influenced the creation of “Void”:

“‘Void’, sonically and lyrically, explores the depletion of Somalia’s waters due to illegal fishing and nuclear waste dumping. I started watching endless VHS videos of a time long gone and dug deep into songs that have survived war. I felt angry and helpless. The general tone of the song reflects that. These VHS clips found online heavily influenced the writing process. Although the country is rebuilding, the music scene is almost non-existent. This breaks me in ways I can’t really explain.”